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Jan 18, 1999
I know there are many people in our forum that are especially proud of their Edgeworks sheaths, for all of the correct reasons that make a quality product noticed. But, I've never heard anybody speak of their service, so I must do so. Like our former president once said, "Read my lips...", so I must say that this is not to offend anyone over there at Edgeworks or anyone else. I placed an order with them about 3-4 weeks ago for one of their Moran tacticals and an all-way jump sheath for one of my combat knives. I wanted to try their products, especially after speaking with Bob (aka Bald 1) about the Moran sheath. Well I emailed them and got a response, but they were on their way to the "Shot Show" and were going to try to send my order to me. Well, I waited for a week after the shot show, and no sheaths. So, I faxed them twice and they said they would get the goods out right away. Well, another week went by, nothing. So, I emailed them again at least another two times and the last one I asked if they still had any stock available on the items I wanted. They said yes, and I told them what I wanted again (I lost track of how many times I placed the order!), but I still haven't received a thing. Now, people that have dealt with me on this forum know that I'm not an unreasonable man and that I try to be a pleasant human being. Well, that's the way I was to everyone at Edgeworks, like I normally am. I haven't even become bent out-of-shape, even though they have repeatedly let me down. I don't know what it takes to get their undivided attention or to get them to send their products to me, but I DO KNOW that the way that I've been treated is not the proper way to conduct oneself when it comes to business! I'm a small business owner myself (firearms), and if this situation occured with anyone else, like a supplier of mine, they would've heard things that would make the roughest of drill sergeants blush, guaranteed! I know one thing, I never treat my customers that way, as word gets out very quickly and the repercussions can damage your business irreparably.
If I know Scott at all, he'll make sure that everything will be set right for you in a short matter of time. The last time that I talked to him, he said that he was swamped from orders caused mostly as a result of these forums, and between that and R&D, they are doing amazingly well.

I'm sorry that you are currently experiencing a delay in getting your product, I'll see what I can do personally to find out what's going on. Scott's primary focus is customer service, so I'd be extremely suprised if he doesn't go out of his way to make things right for you.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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That would be nice of you to check that out for me. I'm not sure if the problem with my order was a communication problem in-house with them or what. I just want to try some of their excellent products, that's all!

Three things:

1) There ain't enough good Kydex foundries out there. ALL of 'em are swamped, which is why a complete loser and crook like "Stellar" can stay in business.

2) Scott is right next to a major Marine base and gets a lot of "walk-in traffic" from them. Since they're what his biz was founded on and they're the customers he can rely on the most, there's bound to be a bit of "they come first" going on. As long as it's not extreme, that's fine...Mad Dog does the same thing with his gov't contracts.

3) He's worth the wait. *No* BS there.

Jim March
I had a kydex sheath made by Edgeworks last year for a CS Recon Scout.

Excellent service, price and product!

The only modification I made to it was to the belt loop. As is the long belt loop carrys the knife very low (so it can be strapped to the leg)

I like a higher carry and only use 1.25" belts so I sewed the belt loop across w/ fishing line. It would be nice if there were a couple of snaps or velcro about half way
up the belt loop.

It's a real good product and has held up well.

Scott was very responsive too!
Well, I'm glad you were able to get your product Ron4, but I'm turnin' gray tryin' to get something from them! As for me, I don't mind the wait so much if someone is upfront and tells me about it right away, like the way Bob Terzuola told me of his 10-12 month waiting period before he'll ship my knife that I ordered. But, Edgeworks told me a couple of times that, "we'll get that order out to 'ya", while I was communicating with them. That statement means to me that I would probably get it in about a week or so. But, it's going on a month now, and I was never told that it would take a month. If they knew all along that it would take the month or longer to get my goods to me, then they should've stated that upfront. I wouldn't have created this thread in that case. But, from last week's email, they told me that they had what I wanted in stock and ready to ship, just like they did when I placed the initial order about a decade ago. If it's in stock, then it shouldn't take any longer than a week to get it to me, with all of the shipping conveniences available to human beings these days. If it were coming to me via horse and carriage, or by Roman messenger, I would understand the wait. I realize that they are prob swamped from the info stated above, but they should've told me that and then gave me a delivery time approximation. Hell, everybody's busy these days. I'm busier than a one-legged cat tryin' to bury a terd on a frozen pond while juggling a business, full-time college, 2001 ACTIVE hobbies, a wife (ooh boy!), a fitness program, and the daily bump and grind. I seem to get it all done and maintain an "honor roll" status at my college, too. I'm no superhero, I just try.
Chad, I'm in the same boat with Edgeworks. I sent my Busse Steel Heart II in for a custom sheath and have been told it's almost finished about 1/2 a dozen times since November.

They are getting swamped with orders which undoubtably delays everything, but I also waited about 6 months for a Blade-Tech kydex sheath. Both Tim Wegner and Scott Evans have started out small and are both upgrading production...ya, in the mean time it's not so great, but in the long run it'll hopefully be more fruitfull for us all.

Patience isn't one of my better virtues, but I'm definately working on it! I just make a habit of "reminding" Scott and probing for a progress update.

Good luck Chad, Edgeworks' sheaths are top quality, and "once" in hand, you'll truly appreciate the product if not the wait.

Savman, so I can order a kydex for my spydie Moran? How much was it? Or do you know? Do I have to send them the knife? I will order one too, maybe they can make several at one time!! We can all get them... Thanks Bart
Well, I guess I'll chime in on this issue. Quite a while back, Edgeworks posted here looking for some help on finding out how many CCW permits there were in this country, and other, related information. I had some time, looked up everything available and gave it to them. No problem, no charge, and happy to help. I was promised a holster for my efforts. Wasn't necessary, but it was a nice gesture, and one which I gratefully accepted. After several converstions, I was told it would be coming my way soon after Christmas. Never got it. Don't want it now. It was never that important. What is important is a man keeping his word. Something that they have apparently not yet learned about business. Oh well. I'm glad to see his business flourshing, and I hope he continues to do well.
Ah hah! Someone out there shares my dilemma with the current problems at Edgeworks! Hey "dp", do you see gray hairs multiplying when you think of when you'll see your steath! Chance? Is that your real name? That's my brother's name, which is a rare name! I wholeheartedly agree with the importance of a man keeping his word, which is becoming a rare quality in people these days. I believe it's one of the most critical needs for business and for life in general. No one or no business is perfect, but we can all strive for perfection. Another important issue for all types of relations (business, personal, etc.), is good, ACTIVE communication. That hasn't happened in my experiences with them. You need to communicate frequently and in detail. Seems to me that they've outgrown their pants and need to sit down and do some serious brainstorming, evaluating, and implementing of plans. I hope that their business flourishes, as I truly hope that for all people in business (with exceptions for people like Bill Gates, who don't need the revenue anymore!). But, I hope that they solve their problems, too.
Savman, I know it's frustrating to anxiously await a new purchase for a long time, but try to give Scott a call maybe. When I was dealing with him he was very polite but in one email conversation he said he was flooded with email, phone calls etc, alot of them generated by forum folks looking for the Moran sheaths. I think that Edgeworks is in that painful growth spurt that can hit small business', too much business all of a sudden!! All I can add is that I got both the slip sheath and the "tactical" version and they are both superb. I want them to build me some more sheaths for other stuff, but I'm gonna wait till the Moran sheath flood ebbs a little. Again, maybe a phone call will straighten things out.
Well, I might. I might not, either! After all, I faxed at least twice and have sent 6-8 emails. Maybe I need to write a letter, call on the phone, send a messenger pigeon, call the National Guard, call my congressman, send smoke signals from my local nuke plant, etc., etc. I bet I still won't get the sheaths! Hell, if they're on the shelf and already made like they've said, all you have to do is put them in a box and slap a label on it!
Speaking of increased traffic due to the forums, way back when I first talked to Scott, he told me that the forums tripled the business that he had. He went from 1000 emails a month, to over 3000, and it's gotten even higher now that their work is being seen everywhere.

Again, Savman, have patience (I know it's hard) and I will personally call him on Monday to see if I can get some resolution for you.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I ordered two of the Moran sheaths thru Scott's web site and they were in my hands two days later. I had previously ordered eight of his all-way sheaths and they were in my hands within a week. Can't understand why you're having so much trouble, but my experience has been superb.

Jack from Edgy-Tools here. If you need some Edge Works all-way jump sheaths let me know. We keep them in stock. I also am waiting for some custom stuff from Edge Works . I was there last Friday and I talked to Scott quite awhile. It seems they have been flooded with business. He has a lots of things in the works to improve production and hopefully things will improve. It easy to slam someone when they are down, but Scott is working his butt off and remember custom work takes longer.

Jack from Edgy-Tools here. If you need some Edge Works all-way jump sheaths let me know. We keep them in stock. I also am waiting for some custom stuff from Edge Works . I was there last Friday and I talked to Scott quite awhile. It seems they have been flooded with business. He has a lots of things in the works to improve production and hopefully things will improve. It easy to slam someone when they are down, but Scott is working his butt off and remember custom work takes longer.

You've got me, HD Charlie, I don't know why I haven't received my goods, either. I KNOW it wasn't anything I said to them, as I've only asked them to ship me the stuff! As far as Jack's comment about how, "it's easy to slam someone when they're down", I say slam on the brakes; someone is getting off-track here. If you've carefully read everything I've posted above, that's not my intention. I just wanted to shed some light on a problem that I was having and to see if anyone else might have experienced the same. I haven't any negative intentions towards edgeworks personally, but I am unhappy about not getting my goods, though! Besides, my order is NOT CUSTOM, the all-way jump sheath is a normally stocked product and from what I've heard, so is the Moran sheath. I would understand the wait if it were custom work. I recently sent two knives to Bob Dozier for custom Kydex sheaths, and he told me upfront that it would be a 4-6 week wait. He was right on, too, as it took the full 6 weeks. It didn't bother me that much because: A.it was custom work and that takes time. B.he was forward about the waiting period from the start. I'm pissed because A.what I've ordered is not custom. B.I've been told twice it was, "on it's way", and I haven't seen squat. Who wouldn't be upset?

You are justified in your complaints. I wish I could say it wasn't so but it's true ; our service to you has been poor, in fact worse then poor. You have made every effort to contact me privately without result. Please accept my apologies. I would be grateful for another opportunity to properly serve your needs. If I told you that I would ship the items on a specific day then that was certainly my intention when I said it. However, I assume that I was immediately side tracked and forgot about your order. Unacceptable on my part and no excuses offered for my mishandling of your order. Your e-mail and fax correspondence both are received by my computer and are displayed using the same program. As such one is not more effective then the other. When the volume is heavy I will get behind on both.

Your sheath has indeed been started and is nearly complete. I am sorry for your wait.

Your holster has also been started but is not yet complete . I am truly grateful for the assistance you provided in locating the figures related to firearms. I have not forgotten your holster I simply have not had time finish it as your rig is some what specialized (being for a Ruger Black Hawk). However, I did not anticipate that It would take this long to complete. I had no idea that you were under the impression that I was not going to honor my agreement. Last we spoke time was not a factor with this project … I will do all that I can to speed it along. If this is not acceptable I will be happy to purchase the rig of your choosing in place of mine.

There are also many other custom orders for many, many other customers that have yet to be filled. Some items are older then others. Many are in various stages of completion. Add to that many e-mail messages that have not been answered yet. To all of you who are waiting I thank you very much for your patients.

Last: delivery times or dates for hand made or custom items when given by me or any other member of the Edge-Works staff are a "Best Guess". The volume of work through our shop and the many variables that make up my day make it extremely difficult if not impossible to always meet projected deliveries.

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Wow, that's an impressive reply that you've listed, I hope you haven't any hard feelings about anything I've written. As I stated somewhere above, I never intended that. I just wanted to see some resolution to the matter. Your apology is accepted and I feel that your reply is top-quality. I'll be looking forward to my sheaths then! Thank you!