Edgeworks sheaths...

Occasionally the truth hurts and I deserve my lumps just like anyone else. Honest evaluation is necessary if I am to improve my business. My responsibilities at Edge-Works include not only building top quality products but also a top quality company that will continue to turn out top quality products with or without me. I am learning as I go and sometimes foul things up but be assured that it is my desire and intention to provide nothing less then top quality service to all our customers. It is obvious that I have failed in that effort where you are concerned. In-spite of that your post though critical was far kinder then necessary. No hard feelings from me rather a thank you for the wakeup call and the opportunity to correct a problem.
I will ship out your Items Monday 03-08-99.
See, now that's class there.

Damn, Scott, talk about setting an example, my hat's off to you, buddy.

Savman, I hope that you'll let us know how your purchases are when you get them.

Again, wow.


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Talk about class, no kidding! There are a lot of high quality people sharing this forum! Thanks again, Scott, and thank you Spark for your help! I may have mentioned this before, but I'm a gun guy (knives are slowly but surely taking me over!) and I used to visit Tom Bowers' semi-auto discussion board frequently. There you will not find the level of class that you do on this site! In fact, everyone chews each other to pieces. There are some good people posting there, too. But, not as common as here. No offense, Tom! I'm sure you're quite aware that your forum can be pretty raw, but that's freedom of speech!
As someone who has worked with both Scott and Chad I feel I am in a good position to comment. I ordered a Moran sheath from Scott too, and it was well worth the wait. I was using it today as a matter of fact and I feel it's the best rig I have ever used. I have also bought a knife from Chad privately and it was one of the smoothest transactions I have ever had.

Both of you guys are top notch & I would do business with both of you in the future if the opportunity is there.

Chad, you will definitely like those sheaths, I guarantee you that.

Spark is right, there are a lot of classy folks on this forum.


Over in Shop Talk you'll find an older thread titled "Custom Kydex for Big Choppers"...and it surprised the hell out of me that Scott didn't respond, even though I told him in private that it was there. Not that I was offended or that he was "wrong" in any way - I took it as a sign he was too swamped for "online play".

So when this thread fired up, it wasn't a horrific shock.

ALL small companies go through "growing pain spurts" like this. It sounds like he needs to find a pro on the "shipping/recieving/order processing" side - I know Kevin McClung would have gone apepoopy LONG ago without his wife doing that stuff.

Scott'll get it together; there's nothing wrong with his "core integrity" and his products absolutely kick booty.

For an example of his custom work:

<a href="http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum12/HTML/000208.html">wormhole to Shop Talk discussion on an unusual Edgeworks project</a>

Jim March
Dear Scott and folks: I commend you for your humility!! That is the way the story ends, all are happy and no one is bitter..I will surely be ordering a sheath for my MoranFeatherw. I will let you catch a breath first!! Thats the way to solve the problem... HATS OFF!!