EDI Genesis: okay, but not perfect.


I got an EDI Genesis two weeks ago. There are a couple of things about this knife that I haven't seen commented on, that prospective buyers should know about:

On the good side, its very well designed. The handle has a great shape, with a nice thumb rest. The blade is flat ground, and does a wonderful job at deep slicing. Workmanship appears good, and the liner lock passes all the tests with flying colors.

On the negative side:

* That nice deep-seating pocket clip is hampered by screws that stick up and prevent you from using the top 3/8", unless you force it. Doesn't work well with jeans (and I got it to be my "jeans knife.")

** The liner lock is not easy to get at when you want to fold it up. I think they went a little overboard on planning for the "firm grip" test. I've had to practise a lot to make it work. Definitely a pain in the thumb.

*** My blade came from the factory dull. In fact, the last 3/16" at the tip was positively blunt. I have a sharpening system, and I was able to fix it in just a few minutes, but this was a little disappointing, considering the quality hype I'd read.

**** Lastly, after two weeks of light use (certainly no abuse) my blade now has a fair amount of side-to-side play. With only slight pressure I can see gaps between the washers and liner. Because EDI uses those confounded wacky screws to prevent the owner from disassembling it, I can't tighten it. (EDI isn't the only mfg'er to use these user-unfriendly screws.) Oddly enough, the blade isn't really "loose," as it still takes steady pressure to bring it out. When I press the stud to open it, the tip of the knife scrapes on the liner. I find this sid-to-side slop very strange, because the liners and scales appear top-knotch in machining and materials. The knife uses pins instead of a solid spacer between the liners, and I'm not sure if this contributes to this problem.

In any case, I'll keep the knife because of the good design and the nice blade. Its a nice knife, though I don't think its really worth the $125 I paid for it.

Disclaimer: I'm not in the knife business. These are just my humble opinions. YMMV.

- Tim


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Don’t be surprised if you get a reply or e-mail from EDI’s honcho, Will Fennell, suggesting you send him the knife so he can de-wobble-ize it and make it right. If you want, you can contact him yourself at wfennell@ediknives.com and ask him about the problems you’re having with your Genesis.


Jim Six
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Jim is absolutely correct. Will Fennell stands behind his product and will make good any problem found. I am surprised to hear that you had received a dull blade as well as the bit about wobble. Torx T16 and T6 wrenches are required to handle the screws...many manufacturers have gone to these as they are less likely to strip than the older hex design.
If you go back far enough on both forums you'll find that I too had some minor criticisms when I first bought the knife. I acquired it at the same time as an M2 AFCK. After living with it for several weeks I ended up preferring it to the AFCK which I subsequently sold. Those design quirks you noted may over time prove themselves to you as they did to me. I've had a lot of liner locks but my inventory now only includes the best of the best: the Genesis I, a large Sebenza, and an Elishewitz M5 Omega.


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My biggest complaint so far centers around the fact that the handle is too slick...it's hard to pull out quickly or hold on to with sweaty hands. Otherwise, seems like a nice knife...

Yes, definately contact EDI with the problems you've mentioned -- I don't think they are typical of the Genesis production run!

I've had mine now for over a month, in daily use, and have no problems with the blade wobble or with edge retention. It also past all my "out of the box tests" (except sharpness) with flying colors.

I will agree that the clip can be a little rough on thick jeans pockets but I seldom use the clip carry because I don't like even that small giveaway.

I'll also agree that my knife was not as sharp "out of the box" as I would have liked -- but then I'm a sharpness nut anyway and would rather sharpen my own than have someone else do it.

My two primary knives are the EDI and Emerson Commander. Both are great but overall I like the EDI best for its lighter weight and partially serrated blade. The Commander is reserved for heavier duty work.

Mr Hicks,
In case you don't get your email first, please email me your phone # [day or night] and I will contact you ASAP to resolve you problems. My email is wfennell@ediknives.com
I look forward to talking to you and helping with this issue. Thanks for becoming a customer; I want to make sure your a happy one.

Best Regards,

Will Fennell
President/EDI Knives
Now that is customer service!
Way to be.

Has anybody had problems with the shape created by the thumb stud recess.

I thought that feature made the grip very uncomfortable, otherwise the one I played with at the knifestore was very nice.

Marion David Poff fka Eye

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Anxiously awaiting the Benchmade Axis and Pinnacle. Will there be an AXIS AFCK??? I hope so!!!

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Will and I have corresponded about the problems with my Genesis. He sent me a long e-mail expressing his concern that I be happy with the knife, and offering to fix it for free. I told him that I didn't want to send it back, so he helped me fix the main problem that concerned me: the blade wobble.

I was mistaken about the screws. The screws are Torx, #15 for the pivot, and #6 for the rest. Will advised me to try tightening it, and I just happened to have a #15 at home. I was able to tighten the pivot (it had become quite loose) and the blade wobble went away. I should have looked more carefully at the screws (I know what a Torx is!) The problem is completely resolved.

He also reminded me that the warranty is not void if you disassemble the knife. This is a real plus in my mind (and one of my pet peeves about Benchmade.)

He explained the design of the pocket clip and the reason for the particular screws they used. He also apologized for the unsharpened condition of the blade and offered to sharpen it for free (though I didn't mind having to sharpen it myself.)

I really wasn't "trolling" for help when I wrote this post. EDI has to ship thousands of knives to make the enterprise worthwhile, so I was truly surprised that Will would take the time to investigate and help in this matter. I am truly impressed.

Thanks again, Will, for your help. I have gone from a mostly happy customer to a very happy and satisfied customer.
About a week ago I e-mailed Will about a possible new knife I was interested in seeing from EDI. Within the hour, he responded by e-mail asking for my daytime phone number. The very next day I recieved a call from Will at my office. He told me about an upcoming knife (the Rock-Lock) that he thought may meet my desires.

How many knife company presidents have called YOU lately?

Here's how EDI plans to become one of the top knife manufacturers in the biz (Shamefully stolen from their website):

*Foremost, we are committed to listen!
Listen to the Sellers whose insight will guide the future of the cutlery industry.

*Listen to the Leaders in manufacturing, quality control, and materials to bring the highest performance product to the marketplace.

*And finally, and most importantly listen to YOU the end user, whose life literally may depend on the quality execution of our product!

Keep up the good work EDI (and especially Will). With fabulous customer service, and great products to boot, they can't go wrong.

Talk about good service. There was a very small blemish on ti coating on my Genesis blade. I sent knife back in less than perfect condition. (This was my first REAL knife and I had to screw around with it.) EDI not only fixed it they replaced the WHOLE knife! Also gave me a different type blade than the original. (my request)Since I got my Genesis Ive also gotten a large sebenza, a spyderco and a benchmade. Still love the Genesis. The way it flicks open for a fairly large knife is fantastic. Great blade dimensions for all around cutting. Light slim design that fits perfectly in my jeans. Blade out of box almost as sharp as sebenza. Also no wobble at all. I find it much easier to close one handed than sebenza. Dont get me wrong sebenza is better quality knife but for 200$ less the Genesis cant be beat by anything in its class. GREAT knife, greater service!

I've been singing EDI's praise for the last few months when I too had the pleasure of dealing direct with Will Fennell. It's not often that a company "walks the talk" but that's exactly what he does. One might normally consider a small company such as Will's to afford the owner ample opportunity to engage in the customer contact he does. I think that is a serious misconception. If anything, Will has to do double and triple duty in handling a variety of tasks that in a larger company would have dedicated personnel. Yet despite that load he still manages. You have to like and respect that!

Eye, you may remember my earliest comments on knifeforums. I too took exception to the thumb stud cutouts especially the difference in the liner on the lock versus the opposite side. With use I've found it isn't uncomfortable at all and is indeed functional.


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In reply to Eye (David)......
Yes, I have problems with the thumbstud cutout.
In some holds, I find it difficult to get a comfortable grip on the knife because the handles are not cut to match.
Some of the better liner lockers are cut out on both sides and provide a resting place for the index finger. The EDI has a hump in the reverse scale and liner that forces me to move my finger further back into an inadequate space....not very comfortable. It also creates a less than ideal grip for fine work as I am holding the knife entirely behind the point of balance. Yeah, it can be overcome but I do not like having to fight a knife ...it should work with me.
And mine was somewhat less than shaving sharp on arrival...but I do not regard that as a problem.
I have also noted the difficulty with the intrusion of the clip screws. Again, not serious...just a little inconvenient.
Just small things that should be looked at for any new model.

Brian W E

I recived my Genesis 1 a few weeks ago and wasn't impressed with a couple of things and emailed Will Fennel for resolution, he phoned me twice (peak time transatlantic rates) to fix the problems, good service or what.

He said he would pay for shipping etc if I needed to send it back but I am not sure whether to or not.

Basically there is some lateral play in the blade when locked open, not very much but it is there. When the liner is disengaged the play is much more marked. Do I need to send it back??

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I got my EDI genesis about one month ago and so far after purchasing a number of Benchmades, Spyderco's and others this has to be my most disappointing knife ever. The minor annoyance is, as mentioned above, the deep-seating pocket clip is blocked by the screws. The major problem is with the blade rubbing against the side when I open right handed. I had sent it in for warranty work and just received it back yesterday. It still has the scraping problem. In addition the blade is clamped down even tighter, making an already difficult to open knife even worse. At this point it looks like my best option is to sell it off cheap to someone who belives all the hype.

Hard for me to believe that EDI has not made your knife right. Im looking at mine as I type. The alignment is very near center. This knife opens as well as my sebenza and closes much easier one handed. As I stated before this is my second knife from EDI and except for slight mar on ti coating of first knife it is as good or better than more expensive ones. Those having trouble send Will an Email with phone # and best time to reach you I bet you will end up more than satisfied.
I Think very highly of a man who is this attentive about his product, Thanx Will. I intend to get me a Genesis very soon since I have been needing a much lighter blade than my Spyderco police edition. Although I love my spydie, I bought it without the composite handle and it is just too heavy for loose pants.

Gentlemen, please allow the man time to work out any problems with the design and fix the existing ones. I have been with Compusa for a few years now and have seen what good leadership and awareness can do for a company and their products i.e. compusapc's. Anyway that wasn't a plug, just an example from personal experience. I think it is great that we have an alternative to Benchmade etc. maybe it'll wake them up.

I looked at getting a benchmade and they are ok, it's just that you can tell they are a really big company doing the quantity thing and not quality anymore. Although I think doing a lot of business is a very good thing for economics. By the way.....it gives us something worth while to talk about here.

Good luck and go get 'em Will.


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I should receive my Genesis Thursday. I'm "one of those", as Greg at Skyland's declares, that likes to track my shipments via UPS on the Net. Pretty cool. I can't wait to get this knife! I hear all those who have minor grievances and hope mine is a good as they come. I'll let everyone know what I think about the one I get.

People use to talk about Benchmade (some still do) the way they are talking about EDI. I hope Will can maintain the level of customer service he has shown so far. He sounds too good to be true!

It is good to see that EDI does stand behind their product....there seem to be quite a few happy patrons here despite reported QC problems.

And I appreciate Highldr's plea to allow them more time to fix the design....great for future customers.....but a lot of people have already invested their $.
I am not unhappy with my Genesis. It is just not as far ahead of it's main rivals as it should be. After all, the main competition is getting a bit ancient in cutlery terms and EDI has had time to take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from the experience of others.

Just another perspective.

Brian W E

If you have access to torx wrenches(the EDI uses T6 & T15), simply tighten the pivot a bit and the wobble will disappear. That's all the is needed to tweak your Genesis I back into 100% shape! Much simpler option than shipping it from overseas.


I too questioned that and subconsciously was aware of the significant differences between the scale-liner cutouts for a while. But after switching back and forth between my then AFCK M2 and the GENESIS I simple gripping and deploying, I found my right hand index finger naturally following the countours and being quite comfortable. I'm reminded of some of the Perrin (french maker) knives that look absolutely odd but when gripped in the hand feel natural and comfortable. I think it's just a design that looks much more problematic than it actually is. But that's just my experience.

I too feel that highlndr has is right...Will got a hit off the first pitch and has strived to both satisfy demand and keep his customers happy. There may have been some that got by QC but with Will's dogged pursuit of customer satisfaction, even those few are put right if the owner so desires.


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