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Emerson “Stubby” CQC 14 and Massdrop X Terzuola


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Sep 12, 2008
Selling two wonderful knives to fund other projects.

1. Massdrop X Terzuola Compact Tactical Folder this knife is brand new, never used. It is black, comes with original packaging. $140 shipped

2. Emerson Stubby CQC-14 this knife is essentially brand new. No wear on it whatsoever. No lockstick on it that Emerson’s are natorious for. $165 shipped

Please see the full-size photos. The blades are pristine. All funds are PayPal F/F or add fees for G/S. Payment is expected to be prompt. Thanks. Buy both, and I’ll throw in a Benchmade water bottle $25 value and a Spyderco pin.