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David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
As some know, I have long awaited the release of the Spyderco Resilience in S35VN. Now that it is available from some American resellers, I asked in my shop thread if anyone would consider buying it, and prepping it appropriately for shipping to Canada, in exchange for an EDChef XL in 15N20 which I have on the bench at the time of this post. Anyway I received a few generous offers, including jbmonkey jbmonkey who offered to buy the knife free and clear for me, and suggested I give the EDChef XL away as a giveaway. His message was preceded ever so slightly by another, so that didn't end up happening, HOWEVER, it is such a great idea and expression of kindness and generosity, that I told him I would do a giveaway, inspired by his generosity. Not one to be outdone, he offered to pay the full price of whatever knife I end up giving away, but in the end he relented and allowed me to pay half.

So with no further ado, I have settled on my choice for the giveaway knife. I will be making a 14" overall chef knife in 8670, with the "Micarta Madness" style handle like I did on these pieces. So basically burlap with black and natural canvas liners and natural pins.

Post here to enter the giveaway. I will draw a winner once the knife is made. That is your deadline to enter. No guarantees when that will be exactly, but I am going to try to do it soon. You have anywhere between 12 hours and 1 week to enter.


Good luck!

well well well.

What a generous offer! Im certainly in.

WHOMEVER wins, PLEASE pay it forward as the world is a cruddy place right now and can use more ''knife giveaway caliber'' goodness to help with a turnaround.


Very kind of you.
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