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Jul 23, 2015
On Friday afternoon I will be posting a sale, in this thread, of knives that I have either made, or purchased and modified for research and development purposes, and a couple novelties. About half a dozen will be up for grabs, including a couple modded Spydercos, and some fixed blades I made from 8670, AEB-L, LC200N, and MagnaCut. Prices will not exactly be bargain basement, but they will be more than fair (to you, maybe not soo much to me ;) ). There might be a mega-folder in there too to make 9 blades up for sale. Sub to this thread if you want to get the skinny on things when I post it up. Thanks!
I'm going to start posting everything up now. I started knife making first and foremost because I am a knife lover. Most of these are pieces that I have made and used (not abused) for testing designs, and some have visible scratches, or minor cosmetic issues, and the prices will reflect that. Each of these knives is a high performance user, and will ship with a fully sharpened edge.

Anyone buying more than one knife to be shipped to the same location gets combined shipping savings of $15 off each additional knife purchased after the first one.

The thread will remain locked until all nine knives are posted, and then I will make one more post a few minutes after that to announce the opening of the thread, so that everyone has an equal chance to grab what they want, after having a chance to see everything on offer. I'm guessing the unlock will be in about an hour, or around 3 pm EST.
8670 Utility Fighter SOLD

The first one was not R&D or one I used, but made to go straight out for sale. It didn't sell the first time around, so here it is at a reduced price.

This knife is set up to be devastatingly effective as a fighter, with a double edged tip capable of slashing, back cutting and insane piercing power. A thick handle of a hard wood (I don't know the name of it, but it was a gift to me from Jake, of YouTube fame from the Canadian Cutting Edge channel, and it is certainly suitable for a knife handle). White Kydex sheath to give the package a unique look. I made it with a generous ricasso which can be used in either grip, to give this knife good versatility for utility use as well.

Steel: .185" 8670

Geometry: Full flat-vex, with sharpened swedge.

Overall Length: 13"
Cutting Edge Length: 7 1/2", with 3 7/8" sharpened swedge

Weight: 13.7 oz

Handle: Hardwood (I don't know the name), treated with butcher's block conditioner, very comfortable grip filling handle

Sheath: White pancake Kydex sheath included

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8670 Scoliosis Smatchet SOLD

The was also not R&D or one I used, but made on the suggestion of a forum member. It has never been offered for sale yet, and this is your chance to own an extremely slicey but tough, huge but carriable smatchet at a ridiculous price.

Completely hand made, the name reflects the fact that if you look closely you can see the pins are not perfectly lined up but have a very slight tilt to one side on them, which I thought was interesting symbolism, given that the maker (that would be me, in case you were wondering) also has scoliosis. This one is ever so slightly blade heavy, with a convex geometry that gets quite thin, making it a powerful chopper for its size.

Steel: .185" 8670

Geometry: Full flat-vex, with double edge and fuller.

Length and weight in pics.

Handle: Flat scales of natural canvas micarta

Sheath: Boltaron pancake sheath included

Price: $135

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MagnaCut Wharncliffe SOLD

From my first run of MagnaCut, in 3/16" stock, this zero ground cutter at 61 RC will make short work of all but the thickest cardboard, and other EDC tasks. Handled with laminated wood from Frogblanks and G10 with yellow liners, it's got a unique look to it that will identify it as a one off to any discerning knife-afis who ask about it.

The sheath will take tek locks, but I have cord set up on it for my favorite carry method as disclosed here: https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/how-to-belt-carry-a-taco-sheath-with-paracord.1759636/

This one has a visible glue line and a slight gouge in the handle, but nothing that will hinder the integrity, function or comfort of the knife.

Specs in the pics.

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AEB-L Wharncliffe

A simple wharncliffe in 3/32" AEB-L at 63 RC. Partial height zero ground saber grind, extreme slicing with good toughness make this a great choice for a harder use EDC. The design would also excel in self defense according to the MBC philosophy of Michael Janich. The handle is texture Suretouch, where the blue is G10 and the black is rubber. To date, every single person I have introduced to this material has stated that they love it, or even that it has become their new favorite user handle material, even as it is mine.

Price: $125, and a real steal if I say so myself.

AEB-L Large EDC Slicer - SPF

Here is a really interesting design. I had been wanting to come up with something that was specifically set up to be not only a cardboard cutter, but literally the best one I had ever made to date. I believe I succeeded in my task. I originally gave this one a leafy spear point blade, but realized in the end that cardboard needs not only slicing power, but excellent piercing. So I reground this one (yes, after the sheath was already made) to what you see below, and I don't think there is a knife to date that I have used which was easier to process cardboard with. This will pierce effortlessly, and the 63 RC 3/32" AEB-L will go through it like butter, especially with proper technique.

The neutral Suretouch handle is fairly large and gives a great and secure grip so that you can power through even the thickest cardboard without losing confidence in your grip.

And of course, this one would also be a stellar MBC blade.

Price: $140

Specs in the pics.

Note: despite the regrind after the sheath was made, the retention is still perfect.

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LC200N Edge-C (Every Day Gentleman's Carry) - SOLD

Designed almost by accident, I have since made multiple iterations of this knife, and have found it to be quite popular with its owners on account of its easy to carry size and weight, while nevertheless packing a long enough blade and handle to get good cutting leverage. This one is rustproof LC200N (aka Z-finite) and wearing textured python canvas Micarta. It was my own personal neck knife for nearly 11 months, and has been sharpened and used quite a bit, but still has a ton of life left in it. This knife has cut everything from cardboard, to plastic packages and tape, worn grinding belts,, paracord, scored Kydex and Boltaron, and has proven to me just how excellent an EDC steel Lc200N is, not to mention the design itself.

Sheath is included, consisting of Coyote Brown and OD green Kydex.

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Modded Spyderco Resilience, and my original inspiration for the Prevail

This knife has been with me a while now, and those who know my Prevail model, are most likely aware that these mods I did are what led me in the direction of that design in the first place. I setup this knife to have the maximum possible blade length to handle length ratio, which is something I find lacking in so many folding knife designs out there. I heavily modified the blade shape and handle shape, as well as gave it a zero grind, radiused spine and thumb ramp, and further removed material from the liners to come up with a knife that holds a great edge, and is much more comfortable, light, and fast than what comes from the factory.

The scales have smoothed out some since the time I bought it, and it is tp down only (which works fine with this model in a rear pocket - that is how I carry my new Resilience Lightweight).

Price: $70. Yes this is slightly more that a Resilience from most retailers, but I have put some serious value into this knife, and hardly used or carried it; it is easily worth buying for $130 or more.

Modded Spyderco Resilience, The Resilitary

Okay, so I have owned the Spyderco Military, and as far as materials, it is undeniably superior, but when it comes to design, I just never loved it like I do the Resilience. The only thing about the Military design that I liked more was the blade shape. So here is my take on it with a Resilience, and I also managed to bring the weight down to the same level as the Military by further removing material from the liners, without compromising the knife's rigidity.

So again, radiused spined and thumb ramp, for more comfort than the factory resilience, and better chamfered scales as well; this knife is even more comfortable to use that a factory Millie, no to mention ground thinner. If you have tried the Resilience and liked it even a little, but found it in any way lacking, I challenge you to try this knife and find anything you don't like about it. I did use and sharpen this one quite a bit, it was my main EDC for almost two years if memory serves. It is not quite as thin behind the edge as the above knife, but still thinner than your typical factory Spydercos.

Again, I have added a ton of value to it, and am still offering it for barely more than the price of a new factory Resilience: $70.

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Last, but not least, a veritable beast:

Cold Steel Voyager Tanto Regrind - SOLD

This is about as straightforward as it gets. A Cold Steel Tanto, reground into a huge and slicey kwaiken.

My maker's regrind mark came out.... semi-frosted for some reason, so despite the time put into the regrind, rather than grinding more steel off and trying the etch again, I'm just pricing this the same as a factory knife from the retailer, or a little less actually. A great user/beater for those who would like a Cold Steel Megafolder that is even lighter and faster, and cuts like a custom knife.


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I'm going to eat my lunch and play a game or three of blitz chess, and then open this thread and the sale at 3:30 pm EST.

To claim an item, first post in this thread with "I'll take ______" and then give the name of the item or items (remember, I give $15 off every knife after the first you purchase to be shipped to the same location). Then either PM me or email me at david dot mary dot 12 dot 1 at protonmail with the email address you would like your PayPal invoice sent to. I will ship everything out Monday.

The sale ends either once everything is sold, or Saturday January 8th at 11:30 pm EST, whichever comes first.

Thank you, and see you again in twenty!

Your grateful servant in high performance cutlery,
David Mary
To be fair to everyone, I won't accept any offers until I open the thread.
I wish the AEB-L Large EDC Slicer didn't have a Blue handle on it.......

If it doesn't sell here, maybe we can talk? ;)
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