ENDED - R&D Knife Sale

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Thank you. I just come up with designs I like and find useful, and hope someone's willing to try them out. It always makes me happy to know what I made is making someone's life a little easier. So then I make them all over again and try to enhance further, or try a new twist on a design.
Yup, that's David Mary :^)

That was a learning curve alright.
The stars are an interesting touch you added.
I'm kicking myself more and more that I forgot to warn you about the glue not being waterproof on that one. Serves me right.
No just negligent in that conversation. I had switched to Gorilla Glue white for quite some time by the time put these out there in my low price sale, and in the commotion of getting more knives posted, sold and shipped at a time than ever before, it slipped my mind to include that info. And then you steamed the knife, and now the handle integrity has gone from this:


To what you showed now. I wish you had messaged me in private so I can fix this for you, or better yet that I had warned you against steaming your carbon steel knife.

So do you want to send it back for fixing, or a full refund? PM me and we can sort it out.
Not open for further replies.