Farewell to Iris Chang.

Dec 28, 2003
Sad. Poor thing. I wonder what her husband was doing, or if he even knew the kind of depression she must have been experiencing? I read her book last year and it was very believable and very well documented. I believe the number of rapes may have been exaggerated over the past 50 years, but certainly 20 to 80 thousand victims sounds plausible. I have heard that the Russians were also rape-crazy when they entered Berlin in 1945, but I think the scale was much smaller.

The Japanese seem so insistent that the rest of the world apologize for the use of nuclear weapons against them, and yet are in denial about their own atrocities in WWII. I think such atrocities are inevitable when an entire race sets itself up as superior to all others, and I think the Japanese certainly thought that way at the the time, if not now.

In my previous job building localized system CD's, I had people from over 20 different countries speaking over 30 languages in our QA lab, testing different software localizations of our product, and everyone pretty much got along in our own small tower of Babel. The only folks I couldn't seat together were the Koreans (Hangul) and the Japanese (Kanji). The Koreans hated the Japanese with a passion that has to be seen to be appreciated, and the Japanese regarded the Koreans at best as uncultured inferiors (kinda like they do all Americans I think?!) I asked one of my Japanese folks was it not a fact that the Japanese people were actually descendents of folks who crossed over thousands of years ago from the Korean peninsula, and she wouldn't speak to me for a week!

So many divisive and long-festering hatreds still hanging on for hundreds and even thousands of years! All usually because of disputes over tiny plots of land, on an insignificant spot of mud spinning in an isolated corner of a medium sized galaxy of 100 billion stars with perhaps trillions of planets, only one of untold thousands of billions of such galaxies. Even at the speed of light (18 million kilometers per minute) it would still take us 300 centuries just to reach the center of our OWN galaxy, and a thousand centuries to span it from one end to the other!

Land and material possessions just can't count in the face of that kind of scheme of things. All that counts is what is inside us that we take with us on the next step through the barrier...

(But, while I'm here, I still want a 14" stag handled BDC, Gawd help me! :) )