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Father's day Keystone GAW

Discussion in 'Giveaway, Contest & Raffle Forum' started by strategy9, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. strategy9

    strategy9 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 27, 2015
    My apologies, I was thinking a "basic member" was a free member... forgot that there was the $10 minimum membership... you're all good @eveled , you're in, that was my bad.....
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  2. eveled

    eveled Basic Member Basic Member

    Mar 11, 2016
    No problem. Thanks for the chance, on a nice knife. Ed
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  3. GasMan1

    GasMan1 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 27, 2015
    Not an entry, but thought of this funny story. When my son was about 7 or 8 he read a verse from the Bible in front of everyone at church. When he finished he came back and sat beside me. I told him that he did a great job and he replied, no I didn't, nobody clapped. I still laugh about that and the time he got baptized when he pulled the plug with his foot. But that's a different story. Good luck all.
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  4. blades&wrenches

    blades&wrenches Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 11, 2014
    Not an entry, as I already have more knives than I need, but great GAW and Happy Father's Day to all!

    Im a father to three (8-9-09, 1-25-11, 10-14-12) and some of my favorite fatherhood moments are the simplest. Them falling asleep with you on the couch, or at random them looking up at you, giving you the biggest squeeze they can muster, and say "I love you, daddy".
  5. strategy9

    strategy9 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 27, 2015
    The "I love you dadda", moments, those are the best!!! Those are the moments I know I must be doing something right, amidst all my many flaws...
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  6. bigolegator

    bigolegator Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 26, 2014
    Totally agree with this...it just does something to you no matter how tough an individual you might be :)
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  7. PWatkins

    PWatkins Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 20, 2017
    I'm in!
    7/3/13 and 9/9/16.
    So my oldest son was in vacation bible school a few weeks ago and the last night of the program the kids had to sing a few songs for all the parents. They split them into different groups by age. He was one of the taller 4 year olds so he was on the back row. When the kids finished there last song, he runs out to the front of the stage and screamed "I did it" !!. The joy and accomplishment on his face were priceless when everyone applauded him.

    My youngest son spent his first 7 days of life in the NICU because of breathing complications. Needless to say it was a rough time for me and my wife. On day 5 they finally let us hold him, the first time I held him he reached out and squeezed my finger really hard for a baby. In that moment I had a overwhelming feeling that he was going to be ok. And now days he's going strong, getting in to more trouble than his big brother ever thought about.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
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  8. NJBillK

    NJBillK Custom Leather and Fixed Blade modifications. Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Mar 27, 2014
    I am in!
    I have two quick stories, both involve my daughter in one way or another.

    First, For my first Father's day, my Misses gifted me with a Custom Suwanee River Oh Mai! fixed blade. Just a fantastic little slicer for meals and such. Pic below.

    Secondly, when my daughter was learning to count/speak, she could count to 11, sort of. She would say all of the numbers correctly instead of "Seven" and "Eleven". She decided to come up with her own words that were pronounced "Wabi" (which was seven) and "El-Wabi" (which was eleven). She says them correctly now, but they were cute, so we didn't correct her. We knew she would learn them eventually, but they were aregular part of her vocabulary for a glorious and hilarious 3 months.

    Thanks for the opportunity!
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  9. strategy9

    strategy9 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 27, 2015
    Officially closed. Happy Father's day ya' ll. Winner TBD. At work right now, my son will pick a winner sometime after I get home and he wakes up.

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