Favorite axis lock knife?


Sep 17, 2006
I sold off my small Griptilian collection several months ago and i've been missing having an axis lock knife. Since I've already owned a variety of Grips I decided to try out some more expensive axis lock knives. I've been trying to decide between the 710, or maybe the 943, or maybe 960 or 930 or the list goes on. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna get another grip because the handle is a a bit wide to me and i want to try something with more premium materials. I'm set on the 710 except I've heard it's difficult to sharpen with a sharpmaker. The 943 is pretty cool in that it's lightweight but I think I want a big folder like the 710.

Also, please feel free to post your favorite axis lock knife and why.
i have a 710 that was a gift from my father, the year they were released. it has the different logo that designates a first production run. it's the only axis lock i have and therefore my favorite.

this knife has served me well and continues to be my EDC.

YES, the recurve in the blade makes it a PITA to sharpen. my Lansky collects dust, these days, anyway. i've long since left the sharpening up to someonelse. i will do it, if i have to. worst case, i CAN do it. i just don't want to lol
710 M2HS.

FWIW, the only Axis lock knives I own are 2-710s and 2 griptilians. While I like the grips for what they are---cheap knives with an axis lock, the 710s are in a whole other class. A noticeable step up in quality.
Try out the 943. You won't regret it. I've had lots of EDC's. None has come close to displacing it as #1 in my book.
I don't own a drift, but I do know that I did like it when I handled it. It has full steel liners, G-10 handles, and the Axis-lock. It has an open back design for easy cleaning and maintenance. I think it is the 950 black class. Great knife and it has 154CM for the blade steel.

Of course I still love my 551 Griptilian. Good knife for the money and you won't feel guilty about beating it up.

Be sure to go with what you like, J.
710. Easy to sharpen on the sharpmaker. It is a classic, once you own one you wont want to get rid of it like trendier knives.
710, 550, and Benchmade/NRA Gaucho. The 710 ie easy to sharpen on the Lansky sharpening system, or croc sticks

D2 551 Griptilian. A delightful knife and it hasn't lost its job as EDC since I bought the thing.
94X series fits me the best. Haven't tried a 930 yet though; I really want one.
Don't be put off the 710 because you think it may be difficult to sharpen with a Sharpmaker - It isn't.

That said, the 943 is one of my favourite folders and it is much more compact that the 710 for day-to-day use.
Another vote for the 710 with the 943 2nd.

The 710 is easy to sharpen once you reprofile the edge. I have the diamonds and it took about 30 minutes to set the edge at 30. Without the diamonds it would probably take a couple of hours. It just takes a little patience.

The 943 is really a small knife. Much smaller than a Grip.
My favorite axis-lock knife is the BM14205.2nd would be BM710D2 & 3rd would be the SOG Vulcan(full size) which doesn't really count cause it's actually an arc lock,but it's smooth as butter ;)
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710, then 940, then 943.

I had no problem getting the 710D2 tree top sharp with a Gatco diamond system with a ceramic finish stone.
Did you have trouble with the Sharpmaker? I'm not really interested in buying another sharpener.