Favorite large Blade?

I had this one custom made for me by Robert Hankins. Since this picture was taken I had grooves (fullers) ground in the side of the blade to lighten it a bit. 1/4" 5120 differentially heat treated steel. Blade is ~ 11".


Works amazing as a chopper, draw knife, slicer and stabber.

-- Dizos
I have a couple of nice Khukri's that are seven plus inches a CS Trailmaster in Carbon V that is pretty nice but the one that does it all from food prep to splitting wood etc etc belive it or not is a UC Seal Machete with the 10" blade. It is the orginal model in ATS34 treated with Birdsongs Black T coating. The grip is extremely comfortable with a good hook on the end for your pinky to grip, the spine is carried out almost to the end of the point so it is very strong and the ATS 343 at a slighlty lower heat treat sharpens up very easily and holds its edge like no tomorrow. Couldn't believe it when I bought it from Bill Siegle. Thought it was going to be a dud but the darn thing limbed branches and lots of them in last yrs. ice storm. Since then it has made ground blinds, dug out judo points in stumps and trees, spread the requisite peanut butter on bread and sliced cheese etc. etc. Couldn't be more happy with it. Keepem sharp
PS it is a definet sleeper of a chopper/survival knife. Oh yea I have a Leuku that is pretty big but doesn't compare to the UC
For me it would have to be my Chiruwa AK from Himalayan Imports. I never go into the woods without it, and it should be even better once I finish the new handle I just put on it. So, in short, khukuri all the way.
As far as pure utility goes it is hard to beat a simple machete from whatever quality brand available and length appropriate to your vegitation. In a northern forest I'd rather have an axe but for South America nothing beats a machete. In fact if you leave anything at home in Brazil it would be a 7 inch sheath knife. As long as you have a machete along the large sheath knife sees little use.

I use my machete for clearing trail, clearing campsites, food prep, shelter building, and digging. When they get too beat up I give them away and get a new one.

Tramontina makes a 10 inch model that costs about $5 US. These are hard to beat. About the only thing they don't do well is pry stuff up out of the ground. Mac
Here comes another vote for one of my HI Khukuris. Usually one in the 18" range seems to get the most use in the brush. Something like this.
Cold steel Scout Recon, if it has to be a bigger one, Cold steel Trailmaster,
Randall 12 (9" blade 1 hilt), Mad dog Bayou hunter
modified (stacked leather handle) HI Pen Knife (13") if weight is an issue

HI Chiruwa Ang Khola (16,5") if it is not (23 oz - it is a light one...).

I'd go for either my BRKT Evo 1, or my Tora SF MK3 Khukri, probably the Evo as it gets carried more.


gurushaun said:
I'd go for either my BRKT Evo 1, or my Tora SF MK3 Khukri, probably the Evo as it gets carried more.



Only 300 Evo 1's ever made and your using it. :eek:

(Mike will be proud of you.)