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Federal HST 9mm 147 Grain +p and Federal Triple Bear Claw 5.56 Barrier Blind.

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Sep 17, 2010
Been liquidating excess stuff as I am about to move to Denver for schooling. So I'm trying to sell stockpiled stuff I won't be needing.
I have 4 boxes of 147 +p Federal HST 9mm.
Looks like they normally go for 30 a box currently. I'll sell them for $25 each plus $13.00 shipped if you buy all of them. Would prefer bulk sales.

9 boxes of Federal Triple Bear Claw 5.56 62gr. Same stuff the Feds were using, they might have switched to Winchester Ranger, can't recall now.
Looks like it goes for $20 a box, I'll do $18.00 a box plus $13.00 shipped if bought in bulk.

First "I'll take it" gets it. Must be 21 or older and know your local laws ect. I'm not responsible once the ammo has left my hands.20190211_124052-800x600.jpg 20190211_124100-600x800.jpg