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feedback on Triple Aught Design?

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Oct 5, 1998
Can anybody give me some feedback about dealing with Triple Aught Design? Just looking for general info. (good or bad)
Anyone dealt with them lately?
Hey Woody. I've dealt with them several times. Nothing but good to report. Good prices, great knives and first class customer service. I don't think I've ever heard anything bad about TAD.
No worries. Patrick runs a very classy business and is a great guy to boot. If you were looking for someone honest and trust worthy you can stop now.
woody, I think this is gonna be the answer you get from everyone. I've gotten a few things and they are top notch, never a problem.
thanks for the info! I just needed a little reassurance!
thanks to all,
Patrick and the guys at TAD are awesome. I've driven up there to visit them a couple of times, and both times ended up hanging out for hours, bs'ing with them, ogling their wares and playing with their dog.(Hey Pat, how's Osa? :) ) Can't wait for my new Striders!!!!
Deal with them, you won't be disappointed.

SGT Fitts
Patrick is a great guy to deal with, and he stands by what ever he sells. I have dealt with him many times, and not one complaint.:)
I live near Triple Aught Design and have bought two knives there. Was able to hand pick the knives that had the best grind lines from the boxes.

If you think that you have a great knife collection, you should see the knives that they have upstairs - unbelievable. Like a museum.
I've made a few non-knife purchases from TAD without a hitch. Good prices, professional operation.
Good Communication/Fast Service.I highly recommend Triple Aught Design.
Best Regards,Ralph
Thought I'd jump in too...I've purchased 2 knives from them and also have nothing but good to report. Great selection of knives, good prices, and excellent customer service.
Patrick has gone out of his way to special order some items for me, and he always comes up with great stuff.
Patrick and the rest of the guys at TAD are great. I have ordered several knives and gear from them and have never had anything to complain about. Woody, don't hesitate to buy from these guys.
Frank Q.
Patrick is great, no worries there, had an order get lost and he fixed that up with a replacement in short order! Very professional about all his work and I might add, he has some sharp looking knives on his site as well as some great TOYS....;)

The friendly advice and service I have received from Patrick has been well beyond what I expected. First class all the way.
Woody, just in case you still have any doubts after the above 17 glowing reports, ;) I have to say Patrick and his team at Triple Aught are my favorite people to buy knives from.

Patrick is the most honest, intelligent and genuinely friendly person I have encountered in a business full of good people. Given this, it is no wonder he has created the best knife business I can think of.
Patrick is the man for all your knife & gadget needs, 1st class operation.
Also what "Architect" says, there is a fantasic museum there.