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Fehrman Prototypes

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Nov 8, 2005

I have for your consideration 3 very hard to find, Original Fehrman Prototypes.

Good luck finding 3 in one place like these.

2 Final Judgments and 1 First Strike.

As you can see these all have the "keyhole" that according to lore, there was talk of producing an instrument used to cut wire.....or some crap to that effect. Only images I could find of one of these were of one Ron Hood used them in his video series. Given to Ron by Eric (Fehrman) to test. Other than this, the only ones I’ve been able to locate.....I purchased.

2 are sterile and the coated one only is marked Fehrman.

These had thicker tips or edges.....I've long forgotten which but there were several differences between these and normal production. The coated one was used by previous owner, the other 2 are unused but the sheaths weren't the best place as some staining / rubbing happened from the leather.

Text me for additional photographs or questions

Niner Ait Fif Too Wun Fif Too Too Six Niner.

Trade items wanted, but not limited to:

Milled Mak-91/90
Any milled Norinco / Polytech
NHM 90/91.

M1a / M14 ——
M14 / M1a (Polytech, Armscorp, Springfield etc)
USGI Parts etc

FALs ——
Just about any other than Century or Hess made, Century assembled are on a case by case basis.

Really looking for a Type 2, or 1 Forged LMT DS pre-16xxx serial # receiver.

Kits, parts, pieces for any of the above .....

Mags for any above.

Busse SHBMLE originals, or other Old School Busse (1990s or before)

If only one interest you.....
Satin FJ 725
Used Coated FJ 550
Satin FS 600

Discounted price of $1600 for the set.

$533.33 average for a set of prototypes....

It doesn’t get much better than this. But please feel free to beg, barter, plead.

I know this isn’t cheap and as many old Hogs helped me by taking payment plans, I’d be happy to help someone who HAS to have this set.

Trolling welcome!!!
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