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Ferrum Forge Septer, LionSteel T.R.E.

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Oct 27, 2018
Multiple knives for sale. All are in brand new condition. Trying to move these fast, so all are priced well below retail. Shipping and PayPal fees covered by me. Payment through PayPal G&S. I know I'm new here, but you can check out my eBay (Astrodinosaur) to see my positive seller ratings on there, and I can also put you in touch with everyone I've sold to through Instagram (my Instagram is @knivesinreview).

Ferrum Forge Septer - Never carried or used. Action is really, really nice in that way that seems to be unique to Ferrum Forge folders. Lock-up and centering are perfect. Did not come very sharp, and had a mark on the blade when I received it; bought from Urban EDC supply, so I don't think they would have been playing with the blade before selling it to me, but who knows. Mark came off easily, but it was weird and per Blade Forums sales rules I'm trying to be as honest and upfront as possible. - $450

Ferrum Forge/Massdrop Falcon, Gen 1 - SOLD -Never carried or used. This is a first generation Falcon, so it has the original clip that some people weren't too fond of, although when you compare the original clip to the new one it seems like nothing significant changed, so I don't really know what that was all about. Action, centering, and lock-up are perfect. SOLD

LionSteel T.R.E. - Never carried or used. Swapped the flipper for the thumb disk the day I got it just to see how the action differed. FYI, it seems to open more naturally and smoothly with the disk, but maybe that's just because of my large hands. Anyway, action, centering, and lock-up are perfect. - $225
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