Fiddleback Model Specs w/ pic reference/comparison

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Jun 10, 2020

Oh gosh, that patina on the far left is what I LIVE for!

How did you get that to develop?

I mean, what kind of stuff was it used for, how long did it take to develop, how did you care for the blade?

While I'm still very new to this passion, I've only had patina experience with is:
  • Horsewright's 26C3, my favorite patina so far, because it's pretty sensitive to staining, and developing the kind of nice saturated dark hue that will look awesome once it's developed a full, deep patina and I reprofile the edge to a mirror (4000 grit Japanese whetstone) finish.
  • White Paper #2, this was more stain resistant that I'd though, a bit more so than the spicy white (26C3)
  • Opinel's X90, unexpectedly stain resistant, developing very slowly with exposure to onions, potatoes, tomatoes and other acid foodstuffs.
  • David Mary's 1080, which seems less stain resistant than GEC's 1095, but more so than L.T. Wright's 1075.
  • GEC's 1095, to my surprise it hasn't seemed as sensitive to staining as I had expected, but is developing patina at a slightly quicker rate compared to X90.
  • L.T. Wright's A2, which was just as tad less resistant than the X90.
  • SR101, very similar to L.T. Wright's A2, but a bit more resistant to staining.
  • Fiddleback's 8670, which I'll be testing it's stainlessness when I use it to help prepare holiday treats soon :)
  • Spyderco's Cru-Wear, which qualifies as semi-stainless for me.
  • Sypderco Mule's PD#1, which I haven't used but expect to be similar to their Cru-Wear.
  • Buck's W2, which, when I get around to it, I imagine will be a bit like 26c2, perhaps a tad more resistant.
  • BRK's 3V, which I haven't used yet, but I hear it's quite resistant/semi-stainless.
  • INFI, but it's not their comp finish, and INFI is basically semi-stainless anyways so I don't expect much.
  • The steel GB uses in their carpenter's axe, don't know what kind of steel it is, seem strangely resistant to staining, especially considering it's an axe steel.
  • And, lastly, an axe I have in 4140, as long as I treat it with BLO, it's basically good to go. I expect it to stain pretty quick left unprotected, but that's just a guess.
I'm looking forward to playing with some O1 next month when my JK Knives order is finished.

Here’s a Hiking Buddy and a Woodpecker.

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seeing that WP in osage!!!

I cannooooot wait for things to improve for Jason so he can get around to finishing it's sheath and send it out to me :(:(:(
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Mar 13, 2006
Nothing off the wall...just using it as i need it. Its O1 so it will start to patina if you look at it wrong.

I can tell you the patina from the tip to roighly 1/2 way back is from using it to cut meat or during the course of eating a meal.

The darker blackish spot close to the scales is from my thumb using it to "open" stuff


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May 19, 2008
Wasn’t there another comparison thread with all the knives laid out on a grid?


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Aug 23, 2008
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