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Fiddlebacks and Food


Gold Member
Feb 9, 2012
Hey Jason, your dinner invitation must have got hung up in my spam folder
That Woodsman could easily replace like 40 Bushboots?

My science isn't solid, so may be 1 to 35 is a better ratio.
I agree, the bushboot is for only useful for digging out a splinter. And that may be pushing it.


Gold Member
Jan 9, 2006

at least you have SPAM from your Spam folder to eat…sort of like Ham, and you can cut it up with those Baby Boots. Don’t make a pig of yourself….maybe just spread some fancy mustard or some chutney on some biscuits, that will be tasty.😁 I used to like eating Spam straight from the can, now I like it warmed in a skillet better. My daughter also gave me a Spam shirt for Christmas. and you know there actually is a Spam museum somewhere. I am trying to distract Bob from the fact he did not get an invitation.;) Now I cannot wait for Fry-days.
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