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Fighting damascus knife, SOLD

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Feb 11, 2014
Hello, I want to introduce to you my new figting style knife I made.
Blade is made from carbon damascus that I forged from steels 1.2842 and 1.2767, there wild damascus with around 900 layers total, hardened to 60 Hrc. Handle is made from copper and Bog oak carbon dated to 1300 years old ( comes with certificacy). Tang goes trough all lenght of handle and is fixed with pin and epoxy.
dimensions: Blade lenght: 160 mm/ 6,3"
blade thickness: 4 mm/ 0,157"
overall lenght: 280 mm/ 11,02"
weight: 280 gr.
payments via paypal or account
Feel free to ask if something come to your mind and also, thanks for watching
MaxDSCN9983 – kopie.JPG DSCN9985 – kopie.JPG DSCN9987 – kopie.JPG DSCN9988 – kopie.JPG DSCN9989 – kopie.JPG DSCN9986 – kopie.JPG
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Hey guys, I´m happy that you like this knife, it took me lots of time :) This knife is based on our tipical Czech fighting knife, but I made a few improvements :). Also, this knife is still available if someone need this :)