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(Final Price Drop!) Buck 505 Knight (LNIB) - $25 Shipped!


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Mar 26, 2018
Hello BladeForums!

Today I have a "like new in box" Buck 505 Knight for sale. This is a cool little knife! The reason I'm selling it is because it is just a tad small for my tastes (1 7/8" blade) and because I honestly wasn't ecstatic with one aspect of the fit and finish. One of the pins is ever so slightly inset in the wood scales (shown in the first picture). It's not nearly bad enough to send back, but it annoys me enough that the knife has never left the box after taking pictures. The fit and finish is great other than that. Solid grind on the blade and good centering. Comes with the box and paperwork.

I accept PayPal G&S (I pay the fees) and ship everything either First Class or Priority (depending on the speed) through the USPS and provide tracking.

I am asking $25 Shipped SOLD! for the Buck 505 Knight.



Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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