First close up Look,New Kershaw: Thermite #3880 (SPANTO INSIDE!)

I believe It's just the new ZT's for this year that are having detents. I could be wrong though.
This is probably a dumb question, but what's the little dent for on the frame lock part of the handle (down on the clip end)?
would love to get my hands on one to play with.

Hands on :D
What a tease you are Rob! Even with a cbcf in the backround :p

It looks good! You guys over at Hinderer must know what you are doing!
Got me again! Every time this post comes back to the top I immediately think that someone found it in stock or received a pre-order. I know Kershaw doesn't give release dates anymore but it's really tough to wait until someday.
im so looking foward to getting my hands on one of these!!!!!! i just got a 0550 and and to say i love it so much i want every Hinderer knife now. problem that will never happen due to cost :(
Anyone know when this knife is actually going to be out? I've had a pre order in for a couple months. These are supposed to be new for 2013 but 2013 is almost half over! I'm starting to actually lose interest. This was going to be my first Kershaw and the excitement was there but wow, I've pretty much moved on to other interests now.