First knife finished in 2007- terrible pictures

Dr. D will back me up I am sure, when I see that knife you get the urge to buy it :confused:

What do you think of the W2 steel? In making or cutting tests after?
One of Bill Moran's comments to the author of the book on his 50th anniversary knives was that he thought that W2 may not be quite as tough as 5160, but it holds a better edge. My first completed blade seems to confirm the edge holding part, but what I have seen from messing around is that Don's batch of W2 will get DEAD soft when annealed and bend like a pretzel without any visble damage or strain....good stuff!!!!
Thanks for the compliments, everybody.
Sadly, the hamon is not as impressive as it once was. After I finished developing the hamon, I realized the blade was too hard, so I re-tempered it.
After tempering, the hardened portion was a light blue, and the soft part was gray. Kinda cool, but I decided to polish off the blue, and lost some of the detail of the hamon in the process.