First Look: REKAT Carnivore


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Oct 2, 1998
Check it out, we'll be giving this knife away next month.... the one of a kind pre production prototype of the REKAT Carnivore

Blade is ATS-34, with beige/brown scales and features the REKAT Slide Lock system that has been rated to over 500 pounds of pressure.

Not too shabby if I do say so my self...


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I like it. Have you handled that knife Spark?? Is the switch ambi?? Just wondering.
What is the Slide Lock?

What happened to the Rolling Lock?

It DOES look nice.

Ron Knight

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Is that lock anything like the old gerber bolt action lock?The carnivore is an outstanding design ,I especially like the handle.Very cool.
Must say that is one comfortable looking handle.Overall nice looking knife sort of reminds one of the Kasper/Crawford but alot lighter looking.
Help! My jaw's fallen and it can't get up! So, who do I have to kill to get that knife?
(Oh geez, and it's Pat's clip point too, not REKAT's spear point. Hommina hommina.)
I was looking at purchasing the Crawford Custom Carnivore or the KFF. After seeing the photos for the REKAT version, I think that I could save quite a few by getting the REKAT instead. I am interested in hearing feedback on the fit and finish, and the overall design of the knife.

Anyway, it would be one heck of a giveaway!!!

We need to start on the D's now.

I tell you what, the lucky person who wins this knife will be one happy clam
I've got one of these on order already!!

Dexter Ewing
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Okay, okay....

I'm willing to give up on the blue Native special for that...

I want, I want, I want!
I can't believe how awesome this place is.
All this information and the chance to get your hands on some great knives.
Forget the ruby slippers Dorothy, I am staying right here.

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The Side Slide Bar is infact a Rolling Lock. The method of unlocking the blade is just diffrent, from the front lever. The two other changes in this years Rolling Locks. The liner material has been upgraded and the spring is now a coil compression spring.
The production Carnivore will offer G-10 scales and a limited run mid year with anodized Aluminum.

Bob Taylor
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I love my pocket hobbit but... this new one might give it a run for it's money as my daily carry knife. Neat looking knife. Has a secure looking grip and a very functional blade design. I must have one!!!!!!

That is hot. Much sleeker looking blade than in the ad in Tactical Knives. Must have been an earlier prototype.

That pic makes me wonder why I am spending twice as much for the Crawford Custom. Pat and Wes do a great job of heat treating their ATS-34 blades, and Crawford custom will have a slightly recurved edge. Does anybody know what other differences there are? Materials? Thicknesses? Mr. Taylor?

Thanks in advance.

Correction: Jim Mattis gave us next month's giveaway which is 2 Knives! You will see them in a week or so. The Carnivore is actually April's giveaway.

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I like, I want. April, huh? What's another month for this beauty. sure hope it doesn't become a NEED. Then I'm really in trouble.
Whoa! It's a great time to be a Knife Knut! I handled the Crawford version and it felt great. The REKAT version looks like a winner too.

So is the release on both sides of the knife or only one?? Does anyone know??
Lock release is definitely on one side only. The Pioneer II's and the Pocket Hobbits also have this same release too.

Dexter Ewing
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Nice to see handle scales in a color other than black.
I, hereby, gratefully accept this knife.
Thank you so much