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First Prod. 710, p.e.

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Jan 9, 1999
This is in very good condition. Some very minor scratches(4) on the left side of the blade near the tip. Handles and clip very good too. This is a first prod. run in ats34 and is a plain edge. Would trade for a MOD CQD mark 1 in p.e. M/A. This 710 is a rarity and I have the box which is kind of worn but still good. It is razor sharp courtesy of moi, and well is an outstanding knife with stellar lock up. keepem sharp and thanks:thumbup:
It has the G10. It is marked first prod. run, 1 of 1000. I know the very first pre prod. models had alum. scales. This one is pretty nice and razor sharp. keepem sharp and Happy New Year!
BTT, this is a really nice knife in extremely nice cond. and very sharp. Would trade for a CQD Mark II also in p.e. Certain EKI's might float my boat too. Such as a mint 11 s.f.p.e., etc. etc. keepem sharp
BTT, will keep it up for one more day then it goes away. Not much interest, I have pics if anyone is interested cept it looks likes every other 710 I have ever seen. keepem sharp