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Nov 4, 2012
FINALLY,after 2 weeks i got the knives i paid for,yes,i paid for em guys and not stole em.you who have comments (and you may!) i just want to know how you would feel when you pay for knives ($130) and have to wait 2! weeks to finally get them.you all know how to Judge but you don't know,keep your mouth shut untill you know what youre talking about!judge's!and to you crabtab/craptree don't Judge a book by its cover,people who deal with me know what/who i am.my back is straight!i will NEVER do a deal anymore with FITSHOOTERATL!thats all.
This is the second thread you have created in the HOS in the past two days.

I moved the first one to GBU, this one I'm going to lock... STOP creating threads in the HOS, a SuperMod determines who goes into the HOS, not you.
Not open for further replies.