Five village models available for $40 each. Pix.

Mar 5, 1999
<img src=>

I got some village models in. I have five pieces like the examples in this pix. Two wood handle, three horn. These are not as nasty looking as some villagers but they are a very far cry from the HI models, however, I checked a couple and they seem tough as nails -- or tougher. I believe these are partial tang versions but do have a thin token buttcap. But the partial tangs have held up pretty well so far so don't let that scare you.

These are about a foot long, 5/16 thick blade, and weigh in at about a half pound. They will do some work and if you destroy one you won't feel badly about it. Karda and chakmas are too small and no good. Scabbards are decent but frog is riveted and too thin.

We will deliver these villagers to your door for $40 on a first come, first served basis.

Call or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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See mail and phone msg. I apologize if the call was untimely- it appeared your last post was recent, but that could be screwed up settings. Mea Culpa.
Thanks Bro.
I got mine, now we will see how many others take advantage of this deal!!!!!:D
Yeah, I feel a bit guilty- but, that's all wrong, isn't it? If I'm going to do something, I may as well do it with thanksgiving. :D
Wood handles are gone. Horn handles still here.

Spec, I've not set time. Haven't figured out how.
Got your call on my answering machine this AM and will get knife shipped Monday.

Bro, yours will go Monday, too.
I must be more careful what I wish! Was just looking at villagers a night or two ago...:)
(world of fear...light filling all beings...dross burning away) ;)
Uncle Bill,

I ain't afraid! Send me one. I'll put a check in the mail in the morning. By the way, I got my 25" Kobra this morning from the PO. Thanks muchly for the speedy service! Should I treat the Kobra like the post on the 30" Sirupati said---like a sword (slice and dice only) or can I chop and hack OK like with an AK without bending the blade?

Best regards.
I think the 25 incher will stand up to some pretty heavy use. Give it a try and if it doesn't send it back. I'll get the villager shipped Monday and thanks.
It's strange, as much as I don't need another khukuri, and subsequently can't afford another khukuri for quite some time, I still watch for UBDOTDs like a freakin hawk. I guess, specifically like a vulture, hoping to get a chance to pick at what others won't touch. :D

Monday I should have 4,
30" Kobra
18" Chiruwa Ang Kohla
25" Sirupati
18.5" Malla

The sad thing is, two of these were bought in June, and I'm still looking for more. Okay, in my own defence, I got a great deal on the 30" Kobra, and the Ang Kohla. Neither one had scabbards, and were from other people, and cost me less than $100 total. Okay, so $1 dollar under $100. :D

It's strange, the more khukuris you get, the more khukuris you want. I might have to start hitting ebay and get the really crappy tourist stuff just to feed the habit. Nahhh, too easily destroyed. :)

Khukuris are like peanuts and popcorn except they cost a little more and you don't eat'em -- I hope!
Well, I guess if you have really, really strong teeth, and a major iron deficiancy, a khukuri might just be the perfect food for you. :D :D :D Just need to make sure you clean all the oil off of it first.


Oh yeah, That just made me think. With organic food, what regulates that designation. I mean, motoroil and plastic are both organic compounds. :) Just a thought.
Put out that joint, would ya? ;)