Five village models available for $40 each. Pix.

But, but, I need it to prevent glaucoma (Okay, you can tell that's a thought out excuse, when you can't even spell it) :)

I just haven't had Bella around for the past three days to keep me company at work, so I'm getting a little stir crazy. Ahh, just one and a half more hours to go!!!!

You see why it's a bad idea to have somebody work 17 hours over the weekend, without anyone to talk to, or any real work to be done other than sitting and feeling your butt get bigger??? :)

All gone. A few more going up tomorrow (with any luck -- all of which has been very bad with McAfee! Very bad!).

So, stay tuned.
Hi Uncle, I'll be at work tomorrow. If you have any problems, I might be able to help you get through them, I can get on AIM express, and I don't think it will be too much of a stretch for my job description, since I already have to deal with people on the phone with computer problems.

One time, I had somebody call in, just to ask how the word financially is spelled!

Bob, I may take you up on that offer. I've had nothing but trouble with the McAfee stuff I downloaded today.
Poor Bob Had to work all weeekend without me to harrass. I guess I would have been smoking pot at work too. But I'm back now so you have to put it out before the boss gets here