Fixed Blade Daily Carry?

who carries a fixed blade on a daily basis? how do you carry it? concealed? how do you conceal it?

i personally carry a RJ Martin Kozuka or Handiman on a daily basis. the Kozuka i carry inverted on my waist band or as a neck knife. the Handiman, i carry as a neck knife or as slip sheath knife in my right front pocket.

anyone else prefer and carry a fixed blade daily?

Oct 2, 1998

When it's cooler out (95 right now and humid) I carry a Mad Dog Rat Thing or Mad Dog VooDoo Child IWB. I always wear a T-shirt untucked, in cooler weather I have a Tank-T under it. Right now it's too hot to wear a second shirt or have anything touching my body, so I've been carrying a Spydie Military or Large Sebenza clipped to my back pocket.

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I carry a custom JSP Doshido. It's either on the execulite harness or IWB with a static cord cow hitch. I also do the IWB cow hitch with a REKAT Hobbit Warrior & I plan on doing it with my dogs when they arrive.


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Just started carryin' my Nimravus the other day (s.o.b). Prior to that, either carried a Greco Boot or a Bernard Hunter on right hip. This is everyday carry when you wear a BDU/DCU shirt that covers your waist, of course.
I just started carrying a wilkins thorn iwb.before that I carried a dozier pro. skinner. I prefer fixed blades and carry one whenever possible.
You could always consider something small like one of Sean Perkins' knives. His customers seem to be rabid fans, and for good reasons. You can have a 2" blade with handle length of 2" or 3" in a variety of patterns. Comes with a pocket sheath, neck sheath, or belt sheath, so you have carry options. You get a fixed blade (albeit a small one) and still have the advantage that it is pocket-sized and pretty much very innocent.
Sean Perkins Kerver in pocket.

One of my three Fred Perrin neck knives on a bead chain around my neck.


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I carry a Hatin T.E.C. knife on the small of the back or on a neck sheath. And if not that knife i carry a T.O.P's Interceptor inside the pants. Just love fixed blades!


I carry a Rinaldi Spook in sob; IWB or as a slip sheath in front pocket. Sometimes, the Spydie Moran as a slip sheath. Tried both as neck knives but I'm pretty slim and they show up too much.
I carry a REKAT utility which I dremmel'd down to 2.5" blade, in conformity with misguided local carry ordinance. I also shortened the handle & wrapped it in para-cord, so it's a 3-finger grip. then I mane a kydex clip sheath, that clips to the pocket like your average spydie/benchmade /etc. folder. It's quite a neat rig: hand reaches to pocket, & fingers hold clip while thumb slides knife into hand in one fluid motion that's the fastest presentation you could ever hope for! Now it's time to but some dendritic cobalt stock and some more kydex, and do this theory more than makeshift justice . . .

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I carry either a Polkowski CQ Fighter or a T handle (if I have to go lower profile).


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If you want to, you can make a lot of steel disapear, even if you've got a small frame. I'm 5'8", 140lbs. I can hide my Project 1 while dressed only in a T-shirt and shorts.

My Project 1 lives in a Scott Hendrix SB-1 kydex sheath, I like this sheath because it is solid and has lots of eyelets.

What I do is take the black paracord that was the lanyard of my knife, feed it through the eyelset at the tip of the sheath, and tie a knot. Then when I put on my belt, I put the paracord loop around the belt after it goes through the first belt loop, and then do the rest of the belt as per normal. Stick the knife and sheath in the left pocket, handle down. Put on your T-shirt and leave it untucked. To draw, yank on the paracord that's not in the pocket, and out comes the knife. Draw it from the sheath with the right hand. Not the fastest, but it is low-profile, and you'll be able to produce it as quickly in a real altercation as you could any other knife/carry system. Yes, I've seen the quickdraw rigs. I've also been in fights. Nothing is coming out until you make an opening, or if weapons are drawn BEFORE the fight ensues. In that case, pulling a 13.5 inch long knife when your adversary presents his folder or boxcutter will certainly have an effect. "That's not a knife, this, this is a knife!"

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Now, since I really wear jeans, t-shirt and jacket whenever I go out(I live in Florida. The heat may bother some, but never me, though sometimes, like during heavy manual labor, the jacket might come off), I usualy wear it in a shoulder rig made with the same paracord and sheath. Honestly though, since I don't have a permit, I usualy just pack my folder.

Does anybody know how to do a "Dundee rig", do they really work? I've experimented, but haven't been able to get it to stay in place.
An RJ Martin Quickening in the waistband behind my right front pocket. In shorts, I carry it upside down just behind my right upper leg, suspended from a cord around my waist. During the winter (thicker clothes) I prefer my CRK Shadow IV in a homemade figure 8 shoulder rig.
Still, I always have a Socom or Sebenza to back the fixed blade up.
When I carry a fixed blade into the public arena, which is rare, I carry my Simonich Cetan Tanto kit knife. It is about 7" OAL, and I made a Kydex sheath for it myself. The sheath is pretty low profile, and is designed for horizontal carry and right side draw. WHat I do is loop it onto my belt to the LEFT of the middle belt loop on my pants right in the small of my back. That way, all I have to do to draw the knife is reach back (tha handle is about two inches to the right of center this way)and give it a yank. The sheath is tight so it will never accidentally drop the knife, but being to the left of the belt loop means that I can't pull the sheath with the kife, so it releases every time. Putting the knife back this way is a little difficult, but not a big deal if you're careful. The knife rides right along my belt, and I wear shirts untucked most the time, so it is well concealed from the public eye. I rarely carry it, though, and I am not a fighter. Even if I were, I wouldn't pull a knife as I wouldn't know what to do with it anyway! ;-)
I carry a Moran IWB, SOB inverted, neck, under arm, and pocket all day every day.

I also carry a custom bigger knife in my backpack, everywhere.

Hope I never have to let cops look in my bag...

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Hi marco!

I carry a Spyderco Moran on my belt during work days, and a big ol' Ed Fowler <A HREF= ""> Pronghorn</A> on non workdays. The Moran in it's leather side shealth, and the Pronghorn in it's vertical belt scabbard.


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I carry a tanto style in my waist band in back and a neck knife almost daily along with a folder. It just never seems right not having a choice for any job. I've designed the sheaths my self for the comfort I wanted.