Fixed Blades

May 5, 1999
I need as much info on fixed blades as possible. I love the folders that I own, but I'm interested in owning a nice fixed blade knife. As impractical as they are to carry, I would still like to be able to strap it to some part of my body (call it a James Bond fantasy). Any help would be appreciated.

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There are many fine fix blade folders. Which kind interest you? Small, med, large? I would consider a Spyderco Moran for my first FB. Small, well made, nice ergos and inexpensive. A fine knife. Add an Edgeworks sheath system and you got a great tactical blade.

On the higher end. All the Chris Reeve fix blades are great military type blades.

Ka-Barr makes good blades that are cheaper. Cold Steel makes some very affordable and well made knives.


The CRKT Stiff Kiss is a good economy model fixed blade for the either James Bond fantasies or cutting up a steak, with its multiple carry option Zytel sheath, in various open and discrete positions, depending on your purpose and local laws. The AUS6M steel is not the most vorpal there is, but it's pretty decent steel for the price.

For a higher-end knife with a multiple carry option Kydex sheath, check out the Boker-Nealy.

Coolest moderately sized fixed blade with a cool sheath ehh? Go for the Boker Applegate-Fairbairn boot knife...comes with a kick @ss kydex sheath

I agree with James, a stiff KISS would make an affordable knife with a multiple carry options. Boker Specialist is also great with its MCS system at about 5 times the price of a KISS. Even better IMO is a Spyderco Moran with Edge Works Kydex sheath. Click on James Mattis web site for further information

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The Buck Nighthawk(I like the "regular" non-serated, non-tanto version) has a very small profile, easy to conceal for a knife of it`s size. If you fight from the saber or hammer grip, it is very comfortable. I especialy like the thumbramp, for lack of a better word, the rear-gaurd forms. The default sheath can be jury-rigged to ride on the leg or forearm, but I would reccomend a custom kydex number. Good knife for 30-40 bucks. I`ve always been a fan of Buck`s. I still cary one of their lockbacks instead of a "tactical folder". I hate that word! Some of the worst knives ever made are labeled "tactical". There are some good ones, but the term is over-used. In every sense. Tactical this, tactical that. Blah Blah Blah. Kick out the style, bring back the jam!

If you don`t mind spending more money, I agree with Kodiak. All of Mr. Reeve's knives are great! I am a Western stylist, so I have trained to use a trapping gaurd like on a Hell`s Belle, but low-profile was one of my criteria when selecting my knife(and a factory Hell`s Belle didn`t exist). I can hide all 13 inches of it under my jacket, shoulder rig, handle down. It`s invisible. Carrying fixed-blades, even big ones, is not impractical if you use imagination. Just be careful where you pull it out.

Actualy, now that there`s a knife with a trapping gaurd of good quality I can afford, I wonder how wide the gaurd on a Hell`s Belle is? Might be time to upgrade. I wonder how strong it is compared to my Project 1? I`ll probably re-handle it if I get one, keep the coffin or maybe go dogbone, but use G-10 or some other wonder material. Get a kydex rig too. Damn it! Now you got ME wanting another knife!

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Benchmade is back in the fixed business this year with Allen Elishewitz's new Nimravus.


Check out the RJ Martin site, guess I'm still excited about my Kozuka #4, but his sheaths have either a neck carry, via chain, or clip on which has it so you can put the knife in either side of the sheath for the boot or the inside of the jacket or on your belt/pocket any place and his knives are sharp stuff, below is his web page;

<A href="">RJ Martin</A>

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Some of us love Randalls. Mr. Les Robertsonhas made some valid criticisms of them, but we still love them. Try Also, try reading the Randall thread below.

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You've already gotten some good suggestions and I'll definately second selecting the Spyderco Moran FB1 with the EdgeWorks sheath.
Once you start seriously considering fixed blades, you're realize that they are FAR from impractical to carry. I carry my Moran in its horizonal sheath at the small of my back and its easily concealed by a light jacket or sweatshirt.
Fixed blades outperform folders any day, any way! Folders are fun and in many cases a very practical solution. Start checking prices and you'll see fixed blades are also a better deal.
One blade to consider that's not yet been mentioned is the Bob Dozier's line. Great blades, great quality, great sheaths and besides, I really like them!

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I agree with George Tichbourne, don't buy
some factory made piece of crap!!

Find a custom knife-maker,tell him everything you want (including the prefered
type of metal------something a store won't offer), and for a few extra bucks you will
own a knife that is unique with the personal touch!
I recommend three:
(1) Boker Applegate-Fairbairn boot knife,
(2) Benchmade's Nimravus, or
(3) Spyderco's Bill Moran.

These won't disappoint, and you'll have a nice jumping off point for others in the future.

For concealed carry, I love my Polkowski Scorpion. It has a great IWB sheath as well as a great Kasper design. I may get a Polkowski Companion when I don't want to carry a double edge.

For info see:


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First time I have seen pictures of Polkowski's knives. Can't tell. Are they chisel grind?

Love the Companion. For reference, does Kasper carry them on his sight, or do you order through Polkowski?



The Kasper knives are double ground. Kasper doesn't sell the knives. I hear that Al Polkowski has a two year waiting list. You can probably get faster service through a dealer like Les Robertson. That's how I got my Scorpion.

Thanks for all the advice...the response was excellent! I'm going to check out most of the knives that people suggested. I have two more comments/questions though...I would like a medium sized knife, but where can I carry it? My clothes are more form fitting than clothes that men wear, so where can I hide my knife? Thanks for all your help!


You might want to go over to KF and ask Donna Barnas. She carries two Mad Dog fixed blades and other wild things. She has different strategies including special purse (I think?).


The secret to carrying a fixed blade covertly with easy access is very complicated. It depends on the style of clothes that you wear as well as your body structure and size. These will determine basicaly how large a knife the you might be able to carry. It is the same problem that everyone has with carrying a handgun. A knife is just a lower profile tool. I have outfitted friends with custon sheaths and holsters for carry literaly from head to toe. I have one friend that carrys a Colt LW Commander and a Bud Nealy 5" tanto I gave her. She generally wears a Jacket or vest of some kind. Another friend carries a REKAT fang and an old High Standard .22 Mag. derringer. Both of them are on the petite size they just have different styles of clothing they wear. I would reccomend that you check out Bud Nealy's knives and his system. I think they are a very good value for the money. Also look at the Nealy/Boker that has come out this year. For a good value in an inexpensive knife the original REKAT Fang is hard to beat.

Exercise your imagination. There are lots of sneaky spots. Just remember that you have to safely and quickly get to your knife.

Good Luck,