Feb 9, 1999
OK..In many of the threads I keep seeing this reoccuring theme, FLASHLIGHTS..It seems to pop up all over. Now, in the "are you addicted to knives" thread it popped. Even in the "vehicle knives"(expected)alot of talk on flashlghts..
My question, does this go hand in hand with people who love knives?
Do you have more flashlights that you need?
Are they everywhere? Do you hide them from your spouse?(they all look alike) Do you purchase a flashlight everytime you go to Lowes,Home Depot or your local hardware shop? Do you carry one? Hmmmmmm...
Can't resist that new brighter nuclear proton super white,lithium powered,cnc'd aluminum shafted, carbon fiber inlayed with zenon inert gas filtering,with multi colored lens,engraved.??
We have a problem!............How many flashlights do you own?? Hate to say it but I have atleast twenty
....That does include the cabin!(I think)
Is that compulsive of me?
AM I ALL ALONE in this quest for the ultimate beacon? Hey,.. Sorry this is off the topic of blades. Could prove to be amuseing, or I could just look like a flashlight fool

Whats your latest or most favorite battery powered lighting tool?
Next to a good blade, some form of illumination is one of man's oldest and most useful tools. Flashlights cut through the darkness. (mandatory reference to cutting ;-)

In most of the trades that I've worked at, going into dark places to perform work is a daily occurance, and so most of the tradesfolks that I know all tend to beta test flashlights as they come out.

Personally, in addition to having a large Maglite in each vehicle, (5 D's for me, and 5 C's for her), I always have either a Buck 2L or miniMag or Legend on my person. There's a Surefire by the bed, and it's about to be replaced by another Surefire.

For illuminating a work space, there's nothing like a good flourescent flashlight. There's even a newish product that looks to be a sort of 2AA glow light that should give off light similar to a flourescent that I hope to be trying soon. It's supposed to be like a reuseable calume stick, and I'm curious to see if it gives off enough light to be really useful, or just cute.

You mention how alluring it is to migrate towards the flashlights in Lowe's or Home Depot. Have you tried the little flat 4 AA lights that have their own stand? They're great for reading in a tent, or projecting light onto an area where you want to keep your hands free. I want to say they're called something like HiLume 2000, but that's not quite right, and I can't find mine right now. Hmm, time to buy another one? ;-)

Actually using a reasonably good flashlight seems to cause the same sort of conversion you see when someone first uses a good knife. Once you know what's out there and how little it costs to go from junk (that rarely works with regards to flashlights, wump, bang, bang, turn *#(#@ on, *(*)@$ you cheap flashlight) why settle for inferior products?

A 4D cell MagLite with a Carley lamp in it will outshine lights costing several times as much, why settle? The Underwater Kinetics lights offer reasonable priced units that are compact and offer great beam qualities. I won't settle for less now.

As a final note, do you pick up a flashlight and wonder if it will work? I don't!

Hey MPS Does it have a clip on it, flat about 4" Square with a rotating knob on back. Kinda grey/ blue trim..Yes I have one of those...
I too, keep a lot of flashlights handy. I have a Maglight 5 C cell in my truck, a 3 C cell Maglight in my wife's car, same in the kitchen and a Streamlight Scorpion at work in a belt pouch along w/a Leatherman Wave tool. I keep a 8 AA cell Intra-Tec in my night stand and a 3 AA Lite-Tec in the wife's. I relied on the Maglight products for 21 days after hurricane Hugo in 89 and they did not let me down. The Scorpion is great, but gobbles DL123A batteries at an expensive pace.

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For the flashlight fanatics, you should check out http://www.carleylamps.com/lowband/star.htm

You don't know what you've been missing in those Mag-Lites.

It must be in the jeans (bad pun intended.) I've been collecting flashlights as long as guns. Knives came later and is still growing!

As of today, a SAK Illuminator knife and white photon on key ring, Surefire 6P in nightstand, 15 year old 4D Mag in the SUV, ASP Sapphire on fanny pack zipper, Mini-Mag in office desk and one in briefcase. Looking around there must be another dozen or so little Mag Mags, dive lights and assorted large and small lights everywhere.

Let there be light!

Dan Harris
Yeah Bartman, that sounds right. I think they're called Hi-Gain 2000. There' s the smaller psuedo pocket sized 4 AA one and a much honking larger camp or jobsite jobbie that I think takes C cells. To me, that small one is a much needed improvement on many small lights in that it can either stand alone or be clipped for handsfree operation anytime.

Anybody try the BrightEyes(tm) lights that look like eyeglasses sans lenses? I used them on the job for a bit but they suck down AAA batteries like crazy.

Any flashlight fetishists out there who also are into biking? I did a comparison of the lowend Petzel that REI sells alongside a similar headband lamp as sold by Walmart, and I sure didn't see $50 difference there. I think the high end Petzels may be different, but that low end one is just overpriced.

mps; you DA MAN!! Heck, I just got my Krill lights a week or so ago, and you already know about them. Here I thought I was on the cutting edge of finding new toys, er, ah, exploring new technology. heh heh

Krill lights are the ones that are like a Cyalume light stick, but use two AA batteries. They last for 60 or 120 hours, depending on which of two brightness levels you select. They come in a variety of colors, but let me warn you, the hotter colors, red and orange, are very pastel. That is they have a low intensity (as the word is used in illumination), . Still, the red is noticably reddish, albeit somewhat pinkish.

They come in two types, ones which radiate in 360 degrees, and ones that cover 180 degrees; these have velcro on the non illuminating side, so they can be stuck to things like bicycles and backpacks. I should add that they can be turned on and off as you wish, and are waterproof.

Let me know what type you would like, and I will send you a couple. Just send me a self-addressed, postage pre-paid container. I ordered about 50 or 60 of the things, so I have a plethora. No charge, since you are so up on technology. Just let me know when anything new comes over the horizon, OK?

Regarding light usage, it is as important as having a knife on you. In my 20 years in the ER, walking in the dark, tripping over something, and breaking a bone, sometimes a hip, was a common scenario. Here in California, anyone who walks around at night without a flashlight, especially when the weather is warm, on their own patio or driveway is really dumb. That is where the rattlesnakes go to get warm.

Hope this helps, Walt

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Somebody have a website or other contact info for those Hi-Gain 2000 lights?

I work as a field electronics tech at a major hotel/casino in Reno. I am in the ceiling a lot chasing conduit and wires. I use a Streamlight Stinger. It is a great light. Very bright. It will shine a light as far as I can see. It can be recharged every day by sliding it into a charger. No removal of batteries required. Supposedly no battery memory so it doesn't hurt it to be recharged every day. The surefires require battery removal for every recharging.

Flashlights, yes I've heard of those.

Like knives for me? Yes, I've even had a Maglite night at my martial arts class.

I used to worship Maglite owning 3D and a mini, able to convince my boss to invest in a 3D & 4D and giving a solitaire to my girl,Swan as present. Then I came to the forums and got a Pelican, Streamlight Scorpion & Photon II.

I plan to get more Photons & even a carley lamp from Walt.

I'm not addicted.
So whats up with the photon lights, haven't played with one?? Help me out, I see them advertised..What about the streamlight Scorpion..Tell me more .. Thanks Bart
...Maybe...just maybe...it's time to add a flashlight forum?...?...

Anyways, I just picked up a little Streamlight Scorpion...nifty lite, though the focus capabilities are a bit goofy...still, it's cool.... :)

When you look at small lights, don't forget Underwater Kinetics. They make a small (key chain size almost) light that is very bright for its size with good beam quality. The 4AA light is even better and is a convenient size to take along, especially for people who do not want the weight of a C or D cell Maglite but want more power then a Mini-Mag. The UK 2L (2 cell Lithium) is also a good choice and not as pricey as the Streamlight Lithium light or a SureFire. The UK 2L seems like a great put it in car and forget about it light. Several years later, the Lithium batteries will still be good and the light will work - cheap piece of mind. Heck you might even want to throw one in that Y2K stash of MRE's and cylume sticks :)

In the rechargeable, Streamlight is the way to go. Really bright, good beam quality, and just drop it in the holder and it charges up. Much simpler and more convenient then the other soloutions people commonly use.

For shear power and cost, the hi-cap Ni-Cad Carley lamp 4D cell Maglite is still the way to go. 4 batteries x $8, plus lamp ~$5, plus Maglite ~$25 is still less money then a SureFire or Streamlight. Sure you have to purchase a charger ~$50 and take the batteries out but, you have one heck of a light.

Anyone replaced the reflector in their Maglite or the lens? That is my next project to stretch the limits of Maglite performance. Any parts numbers, phone numbers, etc. that you have are most welcomed.

Ok guys, here some links.

First, doctors light:

Then regarding biking. I own a Nightrider cyclops with one lamp, 15 watts, really powerfull. Not cheap for $120.00 but worth the price when you notice how drivers keep distance from you at night. Check these links:

A new nifty addition for a Photon II:

The Eternalight now on sale:

What distinguishes the man from the boy is the price of his toys.
Hey Ralf, you're right.. Those Nightrider Photon lights are cool.
I've gotten my photon lights from Wavehunter.com, and believe you me, I have yet to see a site that matches their dedication and service to the customer.

Hmmm.. I'm now browsing at the Carley Lamps website. Do they sell to individuals? or do they have an outlet where we can purchase replacement bulbs for our Maglites? err.. Walt? do you have an online store? What's this about Krill lights? sounds interesting.

I've had a couple of Surefire lights, the 6Z and 9Z combatlights. Yep they're pretty bright, and no dark spots. The only thing is that they use those DL123A lithium batteries, and boy, do they gobble it up real quick!

I was hoping someone would come out with something that uses regular alkaline batteries, and yet gives as much light intensity as those of Surefire's. I wonder if Carley Lamps is the ticket??? need help here..

Thanks guys. And Dano, you're right, maybe we do need a flashlight forum.. hahahah!!

Flashlights come with the territory, man! I've got the obligatory Maglites (I love the 2-AA and 6-C lights) and Surefires (a 6-Z and 6P). I think I was the first to talk about the eternalite on these forums, and definitely the first to break the Kril story (sorry Walt, beat you by about 3 months! At least in discovering it). Everyone knows about those Crane 3-AA white LED lights also?

I've also got one of the Mil-Skylites, switchable between two blue-green LEDs or two white LEDs, with a dimmer switch (which turns out to be a great feature!)

UK: 2-L and 4-AA. I love the UK's, the beam quality is excellent and I like to small-volume package. My 4-AA is lost now, unfortunately, but I still use the 2-L a lot.

Bunch of Photon lights of course.

I always have a bunch of cyalume lightsticks on hand, including a few of the 15" monster variety.

What about batteries? Witch brand is the most reliable? I mainly use AA and C size and would like to know what you all have found as far as long lasting, and non leaking?