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Folder Selloff

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Dec 6, 2013
Price is TYD
Will ship globally, cost and risk is on you
Not really looking for trades, but feel free to make offers
Thanks for looking!


1. Southern Grind Bad Monkey- Dlc coated Tanto CE blade. Scales are CF and the liners are ti. Lightly carried, never used, original edge. No blade play, blade is centered. I can flick it open easily. I am the original owner. Comes with the no longer offered leather beer coozy and black paracord bracelet. Also includes bits for the proprietary hardware- $189

2. Pirtle Made FF- Satin 1084 blade. Tang is 1/4" thick that tapers to 3/16th" thick for the blade. Full flat grind. Scales are brown micarta, liners are ti. No play, it is slightly off centered, nowhere near touching liner. Comes with a wet formed black leather sheath. I am the original owner. Has not been carried, used or sharpened- $150