Folders - What's in your pocket?

Jan 14, 2007
I am just curious what all you ESEE fanatics are carrying as a folder until the HEST comes out. My current EDC folder is a D2 Spydie Para. It is going to be difficult to put that one away but I figure if it gets put on the shelf for a little while for a HEST folder it will be ok.
my CRK small sebenza and Spyderco paramilitary 1 are my main folders. cant go wrong with CRK and Spyderco :D
I'm running either an Emerson Mini-Com or a Kershaw RAM. The Emerson will be put up for sale the moment I receive my HEST/F because I'm really not happy with it.
Kershaw Leek 1660BS. Don't see many pics of it online. Black scales and stainless blade. When I was looking for a new folder, I looked at Benchmades, Spydercos, etc. and for what I use a folder for and the light weight, the Leek is just about perfect. I really like it.
Today I'm carrying this one:

Leatherman PST (original leatherman) belt/pouch carry, with an izula in my front pocket.
There are a couple that see general slicing use as far as modern manufactured folders-RAT1, CRKT Lightfoot, Kabar Warthog and Dozier drop point, Byrd Raven...
Victorinox Spartan, Svord Peasant, Leatherman Kick, Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool (original) SOG EOD and Gerber Diesel... I got an Imperial Sodbuster in the mail on Friday and it's been in my pocket ever since. They're all practical, durable users but really none of them get half as much use as my fixed blades.
ZT 0200

The ZT just got ousted by the RC 3's arrival shortly after this post.
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today i have a kershaw scamp, $10 swiss army & my h.e.s.t.

on the weekends i switch to my kershaw random task.
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I rotate between a Gerber Paraframe and a CRKT Drifter.

I also carry a mini SAK on my keychain. The scissors and toothpick come in handy.
I had been carrying the Kabar Phat Bob after it first came out, but recently switched to a Kershaw Leek. I like both, but prefer the Leek because it is razor sharp, and much easier to carry(skinnier/lighter).
:thumbup:It's going to be hard to give up my to have the H.E.S.T folder. My Benchmade will go to a Marine.:eek:


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during the week it's a CRKT B.U.L.L. (doesn't scare the other folks in the office)
On the weekends it's a RAT1.
Right now i have my Vic Tinker in my pocket. (and Izula around my neck)

Often though it's my leatherman Juice. The only other folder I sometimes carry is a Boker Subclaw.
Spyderco Endura 4 fully serrated. Great for what i use it for. Definately want a H.e.s.t. folder though.