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For sale, AK-47 mags


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Jan 28, 2002
All are 7.62x39mm and all are steel 30rds. Price includes shipping and Paypal fees. Sorry no pics but I have sold quite a few mags here and everybody has been happy. I will refund your money if you are not happy with the mags as I describe them. If you need more info, just ask and I will do my best.

Most of these mags have lower prices if you buy in lots of ten. If you mix and match, I will still give you the lower price if it is a lot of 10. It doesn't have to be 10 of one type of mag to get the 10 pack price. I don't care how you mix and match. For the ones that don't have a 10 pack price like the Flure De Lis, just take off $5 each if it part of a 10 pack order. For example, if you get 9 used Yugos and one Bosnian two rib, the total would be $108 for the Yugos and $30 for the Two rib. Total would be $138 shipped. If you have questions just ask.

I have four Russian mags. Two have the triangle with the arrow inside, one has a sort of key hole marking, it may be a triangle with the arrow inside that is just not clear and one doesn't seem to have an arsenal stamp. $40 each shipped. $130 for all four!

I have one 10 pack of regular Euro mags for $90 shipped

Bosnian two rib mags. Condition ranges from good to very good. Most are in solid lightly used condition. No real beaters, just some have more finish wear. I have 7-8 of these. $30 shipped each. First come gets first pick. $25 each if part of a 10 pack order. Buy seven for $150!

Used Yugo BHO mags. Set of 5 for $65 set of 10 for $120
I have about 7-8 new Yugos as well. I will let them go for $20 each or $15 each if part of a 10 pack.

Chinese all stamped mags. I have some new and some used, Used are $80 for set of 5 and $140 for set of 10. For new add $1 per mag but check with me to see how many I have before ordering.

Chinese steel humpback mags. Used are $60 for set of 5 and 110 for set of 10. Add $1 each for like new.

Feel free to mix and match as well. I would prefer to sell in lots of 10 at a time because I can give better prices since shipping is a little cheaper that way and I can pass the saving on to you. It costs about $5 to ship one mag but I can ship 10 mags for about $9.

I ship via USPS Priority mail with DC to all 50 states. I can not ship to states that have a ban on these mags so please do not ask me to do so.

E-mail is best.