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Fossil “Blue” Titanium Chronograph

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Mar 23, 2000
For sale is a Fossil “Blue” Titanium Chronograph. This watch is in excellent condition. I didn’t like the original hands, so I had a jeweler put more palatable (ordinary) hands on (the orginial "ugly" hands will be provided with the sale...also a picture of the watch in its "old" state can be provided). Original MSRP was about $200. This watch has seen only light wear. No noticeable scratches on the crystal and it has some light, typical scratches on the buckle from everyday wear. I have the original box and paperwork. I’d call it conservatively in 90% condition.

In this previous thread where I tried to sell it, I started selling for $125 and reduced it to $110.

Selling for $95.

I can provide more pictures of this watch if you are interested.

To make an offer for purchase or to make an inquiry, please email me.

The price includes basic insured shipment to US addresses via USPS (if you want it faster, that can be arranged at your cost). Payment in money orders only (or PayPal if you pay the fee). The watch is to be considered "as is." I do guarantee all my sales to your satisfaction (within reason).

Also, I was would really like to see this watch. To hopefully sweeten this sale: I'll throw in a modest folding knife or multitool (to be negotiated) from my fairly large collection as a freebie in this deal. Maybe something with an MSRP up to $50 (conditions vary).


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RIP Dann, you were a good guy.
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Jun 12, 2000

If you give up trying to sell this watch, I have a (LNIB) Ontario/Bagwell Fortress "Fighting Bowie" that I'd trade you for it.

Email me if this interests you.

---Dann (glockman99)