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Mar 1, 2000
OK Spark made a tiny mistake on the front page of BladeForums. Find the mistake and you will get a FREE knife!

Here is how this works. Come back to this page and identify the mistake. The first person back with the correct mistake wins! There may be more than one but there is only one I am looking for. Hint is ALM.

Now each person who posts to this thread with the correct answer will get a chance in the runner up drawing to be held classic BFC style with random numbers applied to those who post in this thread. So if you find the answer, post it even though it may have already been answered.

Guess the number I am thinking of and win an extra prize! Hint: If it blew up right now, you would not know about it for 8.32 minutes. How far way am I?

Translate the following along with the correct answer and get an additional prize if you win!

Libros y futbol son muy calvo con paraguas azul lucha libre

The winners will get a surprise knife which will be sent out after the contest is over.

The contest ends at Midnight Eastern Friday November 10th.

Contest rules.
Only 2 winners per planet. Void where prohibited by law. If you voted for Gore you can not enter this contest. Florida residents who can not figure out a simple ballot may not enter. NO PALM BEACH COUNTY RESIDENTS MAY ENTER. Election supervisors for Florida may not enter. Residents of Arkansas may require 30 extra days to figure out where our front page is but our contest still ends Friday at midnight. That is when the big hand and little hand both point straight up. If you are in Austrialia both hands will still point straight up. US Residents only. Aliens from Proxima Centauri should visit the worm hole in sector 3.45.7875 first before entering. People named "Bubba", "Vampire Gerbil", "Cotton Eyed Joe", or any multiple combination of first names such as "Billy Joe Jim Bob" must send your entries on a 3x5 card to the address which appears here.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Or call 202-456-1414 and ask for Bill

Otherwise enjoy the contest!

Every knife from every major manufacturer. If you don't see it, don't worry we can get it.
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nicrotech is spelled wrong

microtech i mean
The only problem I have found with the front page is Microtech is spelled incorrectly. It
is spelled Micotech, not Microtech. I would guess that the distance away is 186 million
miles away.

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Microtech is misspelled as Micotech.


He who finishes with the most toys wins.

Okay, I see Microtech is spelled wrong (as has been noted)

and 8.32 minutes at the speed of light would be the mean distance from the Earth to the sun, 93 million miles if I remember correctly...but hell if I know!

And, Australia was misspelled

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How far away? About 93,000,000 miles?

Oh yeah, Micotech should be Microtech.


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OK, so I was a little slow on Microtech but, if you're thinking of the speed of sound...
figuring 760 MPH @ sea level, 8.32 minutes away would mean you were 105.39 miles away.


He who finishes with the most toys wins.
Well I'm a bit late.......spelling on R.....bout the translation...doesn't make much sense to me but "Books and soccer are very bald with umbrellas blue freedom fighter"....HUH

Well the number would be 144,096,000 km away.

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
A..should read Australasian to Blade forums Sifu and Carnie looks messed up with the ".com" part incomplete

M..Microtech misspelled

corrected my spelling @ 2332 EST

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Misspelled "Microtech"

Hey Spark, it could happen to anyone, and after the way you pulled that guy's punk card over at TFL I can FORGIVE you!


I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!
I think Jake Evans got it correct.
A- Australasian
L- The Link to the Baldeforums Sifu and Carnivore is reversed on the front page. The
other pages list the Sifu first and the Carnivore second. The front page reverses that order.
M- Microtech misspelled.
I still think that Mike is refering to the speed of light. It takes somewhere around 4-5
min. for light from the sun to reach earth. The Sun is approx. 93 million miles away. If you double that to approx. 186 million miles, then the 8.36 min. hint makes some sense. Then I could be smoking crack again. I am really interested in hearing what the real answer is.

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Oh yeah and something that really ticked me off about the distance ? on millionaire was the fudged number 93 million miles??? If you take the speed of light in mps(not as accurate as kps) of 186000mps and multiply it by 8.32 mins you get 89,339,520 miles. In order for it to be 93 million miles you'd have to use 8.333333333333333333333 etc. sec from the sun. Anyway, later you misspelling bastids.

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
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