Front vs Rear Pocket Carry

Mar 23, 2000
I have seen people carry there Spydercos clipped to the front pocket and also clipped to the rear pocket of there jeans. I personaly carry mine clipped to the front pocket. It would seen to me that with rear pocket carry the clip would be more likley to snag on something. what are the pro's and cons to rear pocket carry.


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Ya got me.

But have you ever wondered why the hell they still put watch pockets on jeans? Sure it's for looks, but who carries a pocket watch?

I have often wished they would make the watch pocket deeper so you could carry a pocket knife in it.
Watchpocket is just right for a MT UDT. Carry mine there daily.

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I carry mine clipped to my front pocket, because I'd sit on the damn thing if it was on my back pocket and would have to move it anyway.
I, too, carry my clip knives in my right front pocket. There are a few reasons for rear pocket carry, but none have convinced me:
1). If you wear your baseball cap backwards, it looks like you're going the other way.
2). No libido-ending auto knife accidents.
3). Your weapon is immediately at hand playing "I'm A Little Teapot."
4). Your snot soaked hankerchief provides a cushion for those sharp zytel corners.
Like I said, I'm a front-carry guy.--OKG
Front carry here. I like to sit on soft things.
Can you imagine what the wife would say when you sat down on her nice new coach (or car seat) and then she hears a ripping sound as your clip tears it's way in??

That's all the reason I need for front pocket carry. Ya hear me???

Besides, I don't think that too many knives would feel comfortable (even when standing/walking) riding against my bony butt!!

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I carry a knife in the front right pocket and another in the back left pocket. With the way my pockets are organized that's just what works best for me. I have to watch the back pocket knife, because the clip has dug itself into seats before (it's a CRKT M16-03Z and those have a very thin clip), but it's not too much of a problem.

And that little pocket in the front of jeans is no longer called a watch pocket - it's a Zippo pocket. It's there so the keys and change in your pocket don't scratch your Zippo.

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I carry my folder clipped to my strong side rear pocket. The primary reason for this is that my holster precludes ready access to the front pocket. Further, the Kydex holster that I wear strikes the knife and makes a clicking sound with any movement when the folder is in the front pocket. Having tried front carry, I find the rear pocket position more comfortable also.
The downside of rear pocket carry is the potential for scratching any furniture or leather car seat. Hence, I am restricted to a certain chair in the kitchen and a certain seat in my wife's car. Actually the older Endura with the non metallic clip is easier on the furniture than the new model with the metal clip.
Clips can be hazardous to various objects. Ever since I did about $600.00 worth of damage to my car with one I just keep it all inside my pocket.
Well back in the day before the clips were out I would carry a large folder in my rear pocket between my wallet and the side of the pocket. This kept it sitting up right for quick access. When I got my first Spyderco (endura of course) I carried it in the hip pocket out of habit. My wife decided it was a fun game to take it and see how long it took me to notice. I switched to front pocket for that reason. I recently got a large point guard and it ended up in the back pocket too. I am not sure why, just seemed to ride better there. I f I carry A large no clip folder like the SAK rucksack for example, back pocket, next to the wallet is my choice.

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I carry in back pocket around the house to keep the clip from tearing up the woodwork and upholstery. Also when carrying a second knife.



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I use a small knife for utility aprox every 15 minutes at work. I find that small folders with Kraton or rubber handles ride well in my shirt pockets. They don't fall out and because they are small, don't scare people.

I recently started using a cheapo S&W Cuttin' Horse because I retired another older knife. It does a fine job on long carboard cuts,

The older one is some Jap knife that is only marked Ultrablade. Solid, solid folder with a birdshead handle. I've cut, pryed, drilled and hammered with it for years and it's still the tightest folder I own. I know I can't replace it so I stopped carrying it. Traded a stockman for it and never regretted the trade.

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Give me a good solid back-lock any time.

I used to carry three, one back, two front.

Fixed blades cross the small of the back for me.(Never lost one, never seemed to be in the way)

I carry my Spyderco (original Mariner model about 15 years old - bought new, too!) clipped inside my left front pocket. I'm left handed. I also can't figure how you could deploy a blade from a back pocket. At least not with any speed or convenience. And am curious about you guys who claim you are scratching furniture and ripping up seatcovers w/back pocket blades: is this supposed to be some recomendation for this sort of carry?
Front pocket carry here...and the watch pocket is the perfect size for a Zippo lighter.

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Right front pocket for me. I put my pocket watch in my left front pocket. Of course I don't use the pocket clip so front pocket carry makes more sense.
i always carry one of a few 4'' folder in the right back pocket, because its much more comfortable for me. I m to short for my weight (ha hmmm), and i tried to carry my second (shorter) knife in the front pocket, but it will be "in the way" everytime i sit down or use a seatbelt.
Just this week i got my SIFU and it fit perfect in the back pocket.
I usually don't carry anything in my back pockets, except for change and loose bills. It's just too uncomfortable to sit down on stuff.

Yesterday, I sewed a small extra pocket specifically for knife carry on an old pair of jeans to see what would happen. It's on the side of the right leg about three inches below the top of the front pocket. The drawing and carrying of folders feels great, but the knife seems to be very visible. Maybe sewing some kind of flap over the top of the pocket would work out better.


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Front pocket (right) just work fine for me. Rear pocket - just pain in ass after sitting 4 hours on my avalanche (closed of course) :)
I've tried front pocket carry for my Wegner jr. but the thing crawls out - that is when wearing Levis. In the pocket it would also be handing in a mass of change and keys. So I took to wearing it on the right front, clipped to the waist band just inboard of my hip bone. My belt hides it, it's readily accessible, and it never comes lose. That carry also works with slacks.

I'm awaiting the arrival of an MT SOCOM Elite, a rather larger package and I have no idea how that's going to work. I'll have to wait and see. But I can't imagine carrying either in my back pocket. Bony backside I guess.