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Frontflipper "semiintegral" Framelock **sold**

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Jun 19, 2013
Hello Friends, please, let me to offer to You my latest finished front flipper.

This knife got blade made of N690 stainless steel, 60RC. Blade is grinded and finished by hand to shiny satin finish at all flats. Spine of blade is rounded. Blade is godlike fast and walk very smooth as You can see in YT clip. There is used caged bearings, DLC´ed pivot and stoppin.

Handle is very special I think. Is milled out from two pieces of titanium. I have not CNC, so every machining is done with my milling machine, eyes, calipers and hands. There is no backspacer, only two titanium shells. Handle is completely nicely gently peeled and dark brown/dark purple Ano´ed. Pocket clip and covers over the stop pin are all made of gently peeled titanium and Ano´ed to grey colour, that combination with rest of handle provides nice contrast and organic look I believe.
All used screws are SS and are satin finished.

First idea was made it with polished handle and fittings, but when do this and see how easy is possible to scratch polished titanium, then I had to peel it. I am satisfied with the result.

Total weight is 87grams (3.07 ounces)!

Closed knife is 110mm long (4.33")
Flipped knife is 193mm long (7.7")
Blade is 2,8mm thick (0.110")


After long thinking about price I am decided.
Knife asking USD shipped.
PayPal is prefered method.

say Your "I´ll take it" here and sure it duplicate to my email please! MacWasil@gmail.com

what Do You think?










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Great looking blade, but those "bolsters" (faux-lsters? Lol) really take the cake! Brilliantly done, your Knives continue to impress!
thank You! these bolsters are covers to hide faces of stop pin and on locking side have to prevent against locking tab overstretching. :-D
I have to say, I have never seen a knife that has that look and style to it. Truly something wonderful and unique!!
Thank You Charr. What You have described is exactly the feeling that I would like to wake up inside the buyer.