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FS: 3 Rick Hinderer Customs

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Nov 22, 2005
First up: Firetac w/ Brown Micarta Inlay. I had this for sale previously but decided to pull it after Rick told me it was a one of kind. I though it had a brown G10 inlay but it turns out that this is rare piece of brown Micarta Rick had, which I believe he recieved from a friend and was not able to get anymore. Therefore, as Rick stated, this is the Only Firetac he ever made with this material and the only one he will ever make again. His post is here int Custom FS threads and can probably be found by searching for "Firetac Brown G10" This one has been carried, its got some small scratches to the blade near the tip and another small mark in the blade. Rick can probably re-furb this one if its important to you. I can try and get better pics of it but my camera is pretty cheap and doesnt do real well close up. Asking 500.00 + 3% paypal shipped and insured

Next is another Firetac. This is another rare piece from Rick. Smooth Ti handle scales with Carbon Fiber Inlay. This model is a thinner design(the handle scales) and I think known sort of as one of the 1/8" Firetacs. It also has Ricks Spanto blade. From what I know(and its not much) this is 1 of only a handful of these, maybe 4 total, Firetacs Rick made with different blade configurations, 2 Hellfire Tantos and two Spantos. This one is mint, never carried or sharpened. Asking 550.00 + 3% paypal shipped and insured

Last is one of Ricks XM-18's. This one has been carried and used. There are marks to the beadblast finish on the blade and carry wear(mostly smoothing of the beadblast finish) on the handle scale. Has Black G10 handle scale. The edge has been touched up by me and is hair popping sharp! I would imagine Rick could re-blast this one if you like bringing it back to new. Asking 365.00 + 3% paypal shipped and insured Sold!

As with all of Ricks work every single one of these lock up rock solid. There are all heavy duty, extremely well made pieces. I can do additional pics upon request. Not really interested in trades right now, as I need the cash, but I will consider all offers, especially CRKs, on partial trades + cash. I'm especially interested in finding a Mint condition Plain Umfaan. Feel free to shoot me an email with any offers. Please use the email below as I seldom check my BF.com account and you will likely not here back from me for days if you use the "send email to" link. I'll also throw in a padded storage case of some kind for each one that sells. Thanks for looking

BTTT...w/ price drops

475.00 + paypal shipped on the Brown Micarta Inlay Firetac

525.00 + paypal shipped on the Carbon Fiber Smooth Firetac

Thanks for looking