Spyderco FS: PM2 user

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Sep 30, 2014
EC2D9E1A-87EC-4955-89A5-8DE286F1BE2D.jpeg 18BB646C-9E5B-43C3-879E-D2124D6C5CE1.jpeg 1C37F50E-715C-4921-9F2F-298F64FF07D5.jpeg 5672BDDE-5E5B-4625-83CC-6D1026BC8B2F.jpeg A66F0995-8AA8-4904-ADE6-15E294FB138C.jpeg 13A59874-927E-45D3-A61B-7348293F7046.jpeg 5BCCC4C5-7C31-4286-86D8-731BCEE0EAC6.jpeg 5B626490-B8B8-4E59-B894-C7CEB3F223BB.jpeg 16A8073D-7D23-4EE8-9D0F-773C48A3F9D2.jpeg FAF3BBDE-82B2-42FA-94C3-F30935EB6392.jpeg Up for sale is a Spyderco PM2 s30v with black g10 scales. This knife is a user and I carried it off and on over a couple years. It has been used to cut a lot of things and the blade shows evidence of its use. I have given it a fresh edge using a wicked edge. It has a near mirror polished edge using 1500 grit diamonds and a 6 micron lapping film. I dropped it once and the g10 has marks on it. I have tried to capture all signs of wear as best I can in photos. The scratches on the blade are hard to capture. None of the wear effects the use of this knife and they only effect the looks. If you’re looking for a user this is your knife. This comes with an MXG gear deep carry clip. I have the original Spyderco box as well as the original clip.

PayPal goods and services only. Sold shipped to CONUS.
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