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FS: Shirogorov F95R, CAS Scagel Hunter, Anderson Forge Small San-Mai Bowie

Thats not a nudist, its a F95R.

Looks like you have two COA's. The white one is probably for the F95R.
Interesting... I'm not a Shiro expert. How can you distinguish the difference between a 95R and Nudist? I'll double check the COA when I get home... also wonder why they'd include 2 in the box?
Nudist is totally flat. F95R has the engraving on the front. The F95R is newer and upgraded slightly. I think it also has more milling on the inside.

Did you buy it new? I'm guessing someone else put the extra Nudist in there by accident.

edit.. looks like it did come in V37 for a short time probably not much in US.
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{Sorry, unhelpful comment removed. Don't want to muddy the waters.}
Google-Fooing this I see it called both the F95R and F95 "Nudist" ... it is however I believe the newer, lighter version on MRBS. Flips like a rocket and has a nice drop-free blade.
Yeah it does seem that way. Shiro is all over the place with consistency. However I only see secondary people selling it as a Nudist or Russian based dealers. I wonder if it got released in US as the F95R. Either way I'm probably interested. I'll let you know this weekend if you haven't sold it.
I looked at the other paperwork and since it's in Russian I cant confirm anything regarding the Shiro model specifics.

Also, the CAS has a 5" blade and a little over 10" Overall.
That's a F95R "nudist" (three bears), the COA is correct. There are 'nudist' that have no milling on the handles, though the model nomenclature is not consistent over time.
Just posted a nice vid of the shiro on my Instagram.. ericmossy is my username if you want to see it.
A couple vids of the CAS & Anderson posted to my Instagram. If my asking prices are too high make me a good offer.