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Design and make a leather slip for the 2023 BF knife for the 3rd year?

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May 14, 2012
Good morning all!

This is a question poll, obviously.

I’m contemplating coming up with a new slip for this years BF knife again!
Yay or nay?

I would like to gauge interest and this will be the thread to post your ideas and suggestions!

Keep the tradition? Or let it die?
I’m planning on waiting for the BF knife to arrive and then matching up some special leather for the sheaths. I may pattern(shape) the sheath unconventionally to make it special. I also need to have the BF knife in hand so the fitment of the knife is correct.

I will then proto and post a thread with the finished sheaths.
An order thread will also be opened.

Sound like a plan, folks? 😁
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Also, thank you all for your enthusiasm for this project that is now going on 3 years in a row! I feel very blessed to be able to continue this tradition.
Shout out your preference for main leather color…brown/grey/black….you get the picture.

I’ll most likely go with one/two colors. :)