Leather GEC ‘23 Blade forums knife sheaths

Design and make a leather slip for the 2023 BF knife for the 3rd year?

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I’m so itching to post these!! 😱
Should I post the protos for you all to see?
You can’t tease us! Did you fall asleep or something? 🤣
Sounds like you have inside information. 🧐

I did in fact fall asleep. Haha. I woke up with a clear mind though! I’m gonna wait and proto the other color and then post. The sheaths are narrower now and a snug fit. :)

Hoping to post Sat/Sun. Sorry to all for the false anticipation!
You guys gave me a great chuckle when I did wake up. Lol. Love the posts!

I finished up the second proto tonight, so if it doesn’t rain and I can get some good photos…

As jmgruber jmgruber says…
Sharp & Fiery Sharp & Fiery you have an extra hour this weekend to share some pictures . . . just sayin’
In all seriousness - take your time. We are all excited for another example of your fine craftsmanship!
My kinda humor! Lol. Excellent post. 🤣😂

I’m currently working on 6 projects today and am about to squeeze in two more ‘23 sheaths so I can get some good? photos up tonight in a new thread! Woohoo!!

Hopefully I don’t get tired. 🤣😂