GEC 488117 Diamond Jack Used **TRADED**


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Jan 16, 2005
Should have kept it mint but has to be used! It’s been carried a few times and has cut some strawberries, hence the patina. Few fine scratches on the bolsters/blade that may polish out. I carry my knives without a slip in my pocket with change, keys etc. Mechanics are nice. Easy 5 pull. With tube and button.

Looking for another GEC in trade. Maybe something in Ebony covers. I like single blades mostly but not exclusively. Nothing too big either (such as the 23, the big coke bottle etc.) prefer to have the Tube and be in at least gently used condition.

US 50 trades only with members in good standing. Priority mail required for shipping.
PM or email mattwrog at hotmail dot com EE7E9BC7-4FD5-4A3E-B3A8-73B74352042E.jpeg 5ADDE5EA-19FD-4DAF-8DF7-3C6458F4F30E.jpeg 10E74836-3058-4D94-A216-2116DF8010ED.jpeg CD16EB58-47CD-43EB-BE67-AB9886AF363B.jpeg
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