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GEC #78 Elderberry

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Aug 1, 2017

I recently picked up a GEC 78 Elderberry Jigged Bone, but was fortunate enough to snag an Ironwood SFO. As such, I’d like to sell my LNIT elderberry model, as I don’t need two, at a tidy discount for your trouble. The knife is literally brand new, and has only sat in my knife box for about a week waiting in vain to be a part of my carry.

The walk and talk is excellent, and the pull on the main blade is a 6, with the secondary sitting at about the same. No blemishes on the cover or bolsters, and the centering is pretty near dead-on. The edges are also pristine, and haven’t been even been stropped. The only addition to the knife beyond being factory is a drop of breakfree on the joints.

I’d like to sell this, P+P goods and services, priority USPS to the continental US For **$83**. First I’ll take it gets it. Thanks for looking, and best of luck in all holiday knife purchases, even if it’s not mine.


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