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GEC, Case/Bose, Birdvis

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Mar 17, 2017
Several up for sale today. First "I'll take it" gets it. Shipping and G&S included. US 48 only.

1. GEC 72 Stag - SOLD ($160). Used, but a gorgeous knife. Great edge on it. A couple small spots of green at the liner/cover.

2. GEC 82 Elderberry Possum Skinner - SOLD ($85). Unused, lightly handled. It's very well made, just too big for me. Great color.

3. GEC 14 TC White Bone - $160. New in Tube.

4. Birdvis rehandled Camillus with G10 liner and micarta scales. - SOLD ($90). Superb fit and finish.

5. Case/Bose coffin jack jigged red - Sold $275. Super solid and amazing jigging. Includes fitted Hitch and Timber slip.

20190119_124626-782x1042.jpg 20190119_124706-782x1042.jpg 20190119_124804-782x1042.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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