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GEC, Case, Parker, Remington

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Jan 27, 2007
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Standard sales rules apply:
- I Will ship within a day or two after payment is received, and I'll forward tracking info when I have it. (I'm looking for work right now, so my daytime hours are pretty hectic right now.)
- First I'll take it here gets it, followed by PM or email. Ya'll know the drill. (All questions or other communications need to be PM'd or emailed to me through my profile.)
- PayPal preferred; USPS money orders okay too.
- Depending on the value of the knife, USPS First Class or Priority (insured) shipping and PayPal fees included in the price. PM for my PayPal info.
- Shipping to the U.S. 50 states & territories only. (As long as I don’t have to deal with customs, we're good.)
- By buying any knife from me, buyer states they are 18 or older, and buyer is responsible for knowing and following the laws regarding ownership of this knife in your area.
- If boxes are available with the knives, they're pictured. All are used, unless otherwise noted.


Northfield #771214 Barlow, $110. Sold and shipped to johnny twoshoesCarried & used. Possibly an SFO for collectorknives.net? With Pioneer Bone scales. Great blade configuration – clip main & Wharncliffe secondary. Nice patina on both blade; one of the reasons I bought this one. Minor scuffing from carry & very little use (opening letters was all I did with it), amazing fit & finish – springs are flush open and closed, almost flush at half-stops.


Case & Parker lockbacks, $14. for all three. All three are used, still in very good to almost new condition. Parker has a Damascus blade. The OKC/RAT Railsplitter is sold

Remington #R314 medium Stockman $24. 3-7/8" closed, carried & used very little. Made by Camillus, with 0170-6C blade steel (Cold Steel's "Carbon V"). Factory edges as far as I can tell.

Remington #R9501 large Stockman, $26. 4-1/4" closed, carried & used very little, if at all. Very small amount of side/side play in the main blade, nothing that affects the functionality of the knife. According to Phil Gibbs, this one has 0170-6C (Cold Steel's "Carbon V") blade steel as well. This one's more of a user than a collector piece, but still has factory edges as far as I can tell.

Remington #R1123 large Trapper $50. 4-7/16" closed, carried a few times in a sheath, but otherwise unused. Made by Camillus in the late 1970's to early 1980's, for Bowen Arms. Phil Gibbs talked about the chore of building these. Apparently, getting the blade tangs flush in all three positions was extremely challenging. Also, with age, many of these Bowen replicas have splits in the scales at the lanyard tube, and it took me a while to find one that didn’t have those cracks.

Rough Rider #RR118 Sunfish $15. NIB. Amber jigged bone scales. I'd rather sell this one with another knife here. Shipping by itself will be a third of my asking price.

Case & Parker lockbacks:

GEC, Remington, and Rough Rider (Case five-blade Sowbelly is sold):

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johnny twoshoes - I didn't get your message, but I did get the earlier PM. The GEC #771214 is yours for the stated price in your PM. I've responded to that PM with my PayPal info.

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