Get ready for Patina Picnics! New Knife Run: .060" 15N20, Coming Summer 2023

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
Greetings friends, I will be making a run of blades up to 12" overall in time for Summer 2023. The steel is .060" or 1.5 mm thick 15N20 from Alpha Knife Supply. It will be cut here in Canada by HAI waterjets in Trenton, Ontario, and heat treated by Andy Pomorski in Picton Ontario. Andy has been a friend, and my heat treater for carbon steel blades since spring 2019, before I even went full time. His results in 1084, 8670, and 15N20 have all been excellent.

I am limiting blades from this run to 12" overall because the steel is quite thin, and I don't want to give Andy any headaches with regard to straightening the blades after heat treatment. I will be publishing images of the planned designs in the coming weeks. For now I will say that I'm planning EDChefs, filet knives, ulus, and a variety of other kitchen knives up to 7.5" in blade length. This will the thinnest run of blades I've done to date, and I'm super excited about it!
Larrin has a video on 15N20?!
I have seen the video since my last post, and it is nice to see that Larrin thinks so highly of this steel. I first used it a few years ago after reading Jarod Todd and other makers' high praise of it, and kept using it because it was so well received by those for whom I made knives with it. I've also carried and used a few knives I've made from 15N20 myself for a time, and absolutely love how crazy sharp they get, how easy they are to sharpen, and how tough and stable they are at thin geometries.
Just watched the knifesteelnerds video on 15n20. This will be my first 15N20 knife, super excited.
I don't think you'll be disappointed. I have several knives in 15n20 from David, and they're all excellent.

As an aside, svord also uses 15n20 in their peasant friction folder, so if the anticipation gets to be too much you can try one of those for about 20 bucks. They too do a great job with the cooking of this steel.
I've played with the svord before about 15ish Years ago. This will be my first 15n20, but David has made my first aebl and first magnacut blades. The 15n20 will be a first that's actually mine. The upcoming 80crv2 would have been a first but I ended up on a good deal on a skrama.

I'll happily wait for this 15n20 to show up.
Knives are supposed to be useful and fun. So let's make some chefs, EDChefs, an EDChef XL, Finesse Filets Large, anew take on the Skinny Fat Bowie, a couple R&D Chefetes, and an assortment of some small EDC knives. Oh yeah, there is a Kagistume in there, Puuko-Jitsus, a Canadian belt knife, a Wharnificent, a couple K-slicks, a Fried Liver Attack, a Bird & Shark, and a couple smaller of EDChef inspired petties. And last but not least, the one at the very bottom left corner of the second sheet is unnamed as far as I know, but it's Tony's, so back off. However, my goal with the rest of these is to slice my way into your heart. 🧛‍♂️ 🔪

No, no, not like that. You can cancel the 911 call.
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Might there be an Itty Bitty Bitey Birdy thingamajig hiding in some of those scraps?

It was grabbed up, but I'll see if I can swap out an EDChef.