Get ready for Patina Picnics! New Knife Run: .060" 15N20, Coming Summer 2023

Looks like we're going to beat the estimated time frame, as Andy has informed me that he heat treated these blades over the weekend. Since he is mailing from only a few towns away, I'm guessing I'll have these this week.
Everything not green is available.
What is the name of that top center one? Above the sharp side of the filet knife.
You guys know if there is a pic of one he made already? I'm trying to imagine it.
deserve better lighting but these are all stained up. puts my low/mid tier mass produced kitchen stuff to shame
Your wish is my command!


Shoot me a message with desired preferences after you check out the what are your options stickied thread in my sub. And thank you very much!
Maybe Reverse Tanto. Has some belly. One of two and one is taken.

I will Direct Message in a bit.
Everything not green is available.

Last update shows two available chefs knives, but that was a couple of months ago. I'm assuming one of those two became the pizza slicer you posted in another thread. Is there still one unclaimed chefs knife?