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Glo-Toob Electronic Lightsticks

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Nov 5, 2000
We have lowered our pricing on the full line of Glo-Toob Lightsticks.

GLO-TOOB - The world's toughest, brightest, smallest emergency marker light.

Designed to be used all the way from the office to the battlefield, the GLO-TOOB is an essential piece of safety equipment that you shouldn't be without. Available in various colors, the GLO-TOOB allows you to be seen at a distance or provides you with ample light in a confined area.

The GLO-TOOB is also built tough - tough enough to be virtually indestructible. In addition to this, the GLO-TOOB is waterproof to 11,500 feet! In short, the GLO-TOOB can take any knocks and bumps thrown at it no matter what the environment. Its compact design also allows you to easily carry it in your pocket, on your belt or in the glove compartment.