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GoingGear.com - ITP Lights - C6, C7, C9, C10, E50! Free Shipping over $50!

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Apr 17, 2007
Well, I said I was going to get some flashlight brands ordered for you guys, and I plan to keep my word. I started out a last week with Zebralight. Next up we have ITP Light and their full line of lights.

Most of the models have an R and a T version. R models are reverse clicky and have SOS and strobe modes. T versions are forward clicky with momentary on.

The C7, 8, and 9 are especially cool with their modular bodies. You can use the same head and tailcap for any of the three body types, meaning that you can buy one of the flashlights and the other two bodies to give you your choice between using AA, 2 x AA, or CR123 whenever each is appropriate. The pricing ended up only being a few dollars more to get a C7 with a C8 body instead of just a C8, so I went with that to give you guys more battery options.

If you want more firepower, the C6, C10, and E50 give you the option of using multiple lithium (primary and rechargeable) battery options for maximum brightness and runtime.

Don't forget the free shipping on US orders over $50!

ITP Light C6R-OP LED Flashlight

ITP Light C6T-OP Tactical LED Flashlight

ITP Light C7R AA LED Flashlight

ITP Light C7T Tactical AA LED Flashlight

ITP Light C9R CR123 CREE LED Flashlight

ITP Light C10R CREE LED Flashlight

ITP Light C10T Tactical CREE LED Flashlight

ITP Light E50 Tactical CREE LED Flashlight