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Oct 13, 2015
I have a few Kershaws I'd like to trade away. Looking to trade them together.

First is a Kershaw Cryo G-10. Its in good condition besides a few scratches on the blade and handle that are barely visible. Solid lockup, no blade play. Has been sharpened. Comes with box.

Next is a Kershaw Clash. Has some scratches on the blade and clip. Has been sharpened and shaves hair. There are a couple issues, all could probably be fixed by Kershaw, I just have never gotten around to sending it in. There is a stripped handle screw, a small chip in the blade, and some up and down blade play- side to side is solid. Comes with box.

Interests- Folding knives, small fixed blades/neck knives, aftermarket hardware *especially a kershaw skyline or blur deep carry clip*, small flashlights, morale patches.
Those are just some things I've thought of, but I'm interested in pretty much anything knife/gear related, and I seriously mean anything. These knives are never carried and I just want to get rid of them. I can add some cash if I'm really interested (especially for a kershaw skyline or blur deep carry clip). Just tell me what you've got.

I think thats pretty much it. Feel free to contact me for more info/pics.

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